Fishing for Local Clients in Sulit

For most Filipino netizens, “Sulit” is synonymous with online bargains.

For those who spend most of their time online for business-related purposes on the other hand, such a website is best described as a vast ocean of clients waiting to be fished out of the water. In this sense, many of my peers ask me a certain question: is there a specific guide on how to “fish” for customers in “Sulit”? Well, there are various ways to land deals through the popular website. However, I would rather tell you about an easy-to-follow “fishing guide” focused on the why, the who, and the how.

A real estate agent in Sulit – He/She may be interested in a web development or a printing service (For her materials), etc. Endless possibilities!

You might be thinking that answering the question of “why” is unnecessary, since it is obvious that every online entrepreneur aims to get more customers for the sake of boosting profits. I should remind you though, that landing deals merely to earn is rather shortsighted. Simply put, you must never overlook the fact that your business also exists so that it would someday grow. Thus, you should refrain from randomly sending “offers” to people, hoping for a “profitable” reply: you have to first identify the specifics of your long-term goals to better present your firm to clients.


After listing your aims, it would then be essential to tackle the matter of “who”. Of course, you might assume that the entire population of “Sulitizens” is your target market. Sadly, this is not the case. In order to determine the audience that you should be focusing your attention on, you should spend enough time and effort analyzing your offering. Whether it is a service or a product, it probably appeals to a certain group of people instead of the general public. If you have managed to make a sale elsewhere, you should also assess the demographics of your previous clients.


You are finally ready to learn the “hows” of fishing. This does not mean that I would be telling you the particular steps of gaining clients from “Sulit”. Instead, I would guide you on how to get the best marketing ideas. Given that you already know your target market and you have a proper understanding of your business goals, it would then be a must to look for the advertisements of entrepreneurs who share a lot of similarities with you. By looking at their listings, you would understand what clicks and what doesn’t. Indeed, I am telling you to emulate your competitors.


Essentially, it is only by answering the “why” that you would be able to realize what you really wish to attain. Similarly, it is only by attempting to discover the “who” that you would learn about the people who are most willing to be your client. Of course, it is only by finding out the “how” through observation that you’d be able to keep up with your “business rivals”. What I’m trying to telling to you is that there is no specific guide to success in “Sulit”. However, a general “fishing guide” does exist, which you should never fail to follow when attempting to attain success.

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