Flipping Local Websites – an Easy Way to Make Money Online

Flipping local websites is akin to flipping a house. Flipping a house involves buying a house at a bargain, renovating it and selling it at a handsome profit. Similarly, you can buy an existing local website then rebuild and monetize it.

But why would you do such a thing when you can simply build a new one?

Well, the answer is really simple. Building a new website from the ground up entails a great deal amount of work but the more important thing with buying an existing website is you don’t get locked up in Goggle’s sandbox, as is always the case with new websites.

For a long while now, bloggers have noticed that no matter how much quality back links a new site has, no matter how well structured the site may be, no matter how many new, quality, keyword rich content it has, the new site will not appear on Google’s search result pages. Bloggers theorized that Google sort of let new websites go through a probationary period first before it finally allows it to appear on its result pages. They call the phenomenon as Google Sandbox. Of course, this is just a theory that may be impossible to prove yet it is a reality every new website has to go through. So, to avoid getting sandboxed, it is better to buy an existing website.

But how would you know which website to buy? How would you know the potential of a website?

The first basis for determining the potential of a particular website is its age. It must be a mature website, which means it must have been in existence for at least twelve months. After being in existence for at least that long, the website must have developed a network of back links. Back links give real value to the site and you know you will be buying a site that has an existing audience.

However, you just don’t buy any website you fancy. You should buy one that is already targeted to the same niche or audience for the product or service you will be offering. Make sure that the site has existing advertising revenue no matter how small it may be. You may just have to work on increasing the traffic to the site to up its revenue in the future.

The hardest part in flipping a website is locating websites that are merely underperforming yet has big potential to generate bigger revenues. I know there are many web sites out there that are in profitable niches and are just not performing well because the owners may not be well verse with optimization work or sorely lacking in online marketing experience.

A lot of local websites were established by people attracted by the prospects of making big money online. Unfortunately, a great number of them simply plunge into it without realizing the tremendous amount of work entailed. They may have hung on long enough until they start getting disillusioned after failing to generate the revenues they thought they can easily get from their sites.

Take note that the value of a website is worth the amount of money the owner is willing to part with it. If it has been in existence for a long while and has regular advertising revenue, the owner may only sell it at a stiff price. However, an underperforming website with a big potential to take off with a few tweaks may have an owner who has grown tired of the slow and low returns. These are the sites you can get at a good price, as their owners are likely to settle for any amount just to get the sites out of their way.

Flipping a website in the Philippines may still be a strange business proposition but with the number of underperforming local websites existing today, the potential for profit is simply tremendous too.

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