Get Filipino “Interns” to Work for your Website/Marketing Campaigns

Interns or on-the-job trainees are a fixture in any office especially during summer in the Philippines. I have worked with many of these interns through the years. It is only recently that I have discovered that I can maximize their short stay in boosting our company’s website or marketing campaigns.

Filipino Interns are very obedient and they will do anything to please their transient bosses. And you will meet a diverse mix of interns every now and then. Some are working their way to earn degrees in communication, engineering, the arts, computer technology, and marketing. If you will draft a systematic plan, their efforts will never be in vain again.

Here are the simple yet crucial tasks that your interns can do:

Communication Majors

You will have a handful of communication majors for interns. You can give them any of the following tasks that prove to be useful in your website and online marketing campaigns:

  1. Assign them to make search engine optimized articles related to your company’s niche. Task your interns to write as many 500-word articles as they can within their stay. You can easily schedule the online publishing dates of these essays. This way, readers who are interested in your niche will have higher chances of finding you in the vast space in the World Wide Web.
  2. If possible, have them make a video that will capture the interest of your target audience. Employ the search engine optimization principles. Who knows? It might become viral.

Computer Technology Majors

Computer technology majors are usually tasked to make computer programs that are not really useful for the company in the long run. On random days, they are simply tasked to check on the computer hardware to make sure that they are working. If you want to have them contribute to your marketing efforts, here are your options:

  1. Assign them to give new color and dimension to your website’s appearance. Most internet users judge websites according to appearance. If it is not professionally done, take it from me, they will not take interest. Have your computer technology majors fix that. Test their creativity and make sure that they will deliver.
  2. Have them create affiliate websites and embed as many back links that lead to your main website as possible. However, this should be done as naturally as possible. Back links should be embedded in informative articles and essays. This can be taken from the essays written by your communication majors.

Marketing Majors

Your marketing majors are more adept of the current trends in the market as relayed by the academe. You can ask them to make a feasibility study on the future efforts in connection with internet marketing. In addition, you can assign them to test, analyze, and evaluate the strategies that your company currently uses.

In Conclusion

You do not have to hire experts to make things work. By maximizing the potentials of your interns, you will most likely save a lot of money, time, and effort. At the same time, you will benefit from fresh ideas originating from young and uncorrupted minds.

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