Handling an amazing Live Chat Support for your website

Live chat support allows entrepreneurs to communicate directly with customers through your Philippine website. If your business is sales or service oriented then it becomes even more relevant that you need a support system.  This is because effective and efficient communication with a past, present and/or future client can mean the difference between money in the bank, or your competitor’s gain.


live chat button

The typical live chat support button you’ll see in some websites. Hello? 1 pc Jollibee Chicken Meal Please!

Live Chat Support Defined

The site visitor is given the opportunity to chat to an actual person, similar to popular instant messaging clients like Skype/Yahoo Messenger.  As an entrepreneur, you must understand what it takes to make an effective support system. It is pretty easy and the added cost is minimal. Especially if your business is located in the Philippines since hiring an employee here is cheap.


Made Possible Via (Warning: Geek Speak Below) 

More recent live chat support systems do not require the user to download any software in order to communicate with a representative online. The “script” i.e. Java, Flash is made to run directly via most web browsers. For providers who require greater functionality, especially if the clientele has more exacting standards then Voice over IP (VoIP) applications can be utilized. Simply put, VoIP can provide better voice quality, sharing, real time monitoring, remote view, etc.

The typical live support application allows a netizen to “click” a box that will then open a window or link. Depending on how you set things up, there are several useful functionalities to include in the same. The goal is to minimize waiting time, keep the netizen focused and patiently waiting for his/her turn.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Lounge Music
  • Estimated Waiting Time
  • Number card
  • Email support option
  • Computer voice prompt/directory

Other live chat support applications are written via low-level languages. This is then compiled and distributed on the provider’s server. If you want more functionality then you should consider PHP, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL for your database.


A live chat support system. 🙂



Advantages of Live Chat Support

  1. Customers who are unsure of what they want can be steered into the right direction (i.e. buying a product or availing of a service).
  2. Customers who are already convinced can be shown a variety of other information, products and or services (i.e. would you like some fries with that).
  3. Customers who have something to complain about are mollified, and prevented from making negative reviews.
  4. Some customers just want a guarantee. More often than not, talking to a professional sounding representative can assure the representative that the website is legitimate.
  5. There are plenty of other providers or sellers on the internet. Sometimes the added convenience of talking to a live representative can convince the consumer to stick with you.


Disadvantages of Live Chat Support

  1. Live chat support requires at least one person or a team to handle the inquiries. This means delegating existing staff or hiring, and then training the new ones.
  2. Live chat support can be operational during business hours, but the best teams are available 24/7. This means added costs to say the least.
  3. Live chat support is heavy on bandwidth. If the system is not properly put up, the same may cause the system to slow down or even crash the site.

Here’s a free live support software you can use: http://sourceforge.net/projects/webim/


Power-up your Live Support

If you are going to create a live support team, make sure they are well trained, easy on the ears. Take your support personnel to the next level. Instead of limiting their function to answering

provide support

“Provide Support” is an affordable live chat solution to handle your website visitors.

questions, you can also utilize the same to formulate solutions to commonly encountered problems. Remember, they are the ones who hear the complaints and the useful suggestions of the clients. They are well placed to help out in cleaning up problem areas in both procedure and substantive matters.

1. Live support always amazes customers, but it’s better if your website has a clear F.A.Q. section, especially if you’re getting bombarded with the usual questions.

2. Don’t forget to create templates for the common issues of your customers. This way, you don’t have to type everything from scratch when an issue has been asked again.

3. When handling irate customers, never-ever ignore or shut them out while in session. Don’t take too long to reply. One thing you wouldn’t like is a bad review online which is hard to fix.

4. For complicated explanations, you must already have well-written guides and tutorials so you can just paste the url’s (e.g. How to register, How to purchase, etc.).

5. Be cautious of your grammar, especially if you have foreign clients. Your company would look cheap if your live support agent chats like a jejemon.

6. Compose awesome greetings and goodbyes. Make sure to ask the customer if you have correctly answered their questions already or if there’s anything you can help with.

7. Be gentle. Nothing beats a friendly live support agent. Smile.

8. Don’t forget to send them your social media links after you end your session.


Remember, your online support / customer reps are the voice that represents your entire company. Make sure the same sounds professional and knows what he/she is talking about.

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