How to be an Online Authority for Your Brand

An online authority is someone you listen to because what he says is worthwhile, and he does it in a way that captures someone’s attention while keeping them entertained.

Now, most consumers take the time to listen to an authority when they are in the market for something. In my opinion, these authorities are average at best. The real authorities are the ones you and me listen to are able to and create in our minds a sense of urgency that converts something from an unknown, to a want and then to a need that must be purchased.  This applies to video streams, online articles, photo ads, etc.


  1. Have Something of Value to Others

Value or practical use can be interchanged for our purposes. This is the foundation within which an online authority builds on. The first thing you do is familiarize yourself with the product and service. The best way to do this is to actually try it out. Remember, it does not matter how miniscule a human need it fills up, for so long as you understand the same. Think of those sticky bits of paper that stick on the wall. I don’t really need one, heck I can just use a corkboard or write on the whiteboard or put tape on paper, but I seem to want it, I just need to post it.


  1. Tell Your Audience its Value in a Way That it can be  Understood

No matter how valuable the product or service is, if you cannot relate to your audience, no one will buy the same. What is worst is that someone else will copy that idea and sell it in a more palatable manner to an audience who will gobble it up. Do you remember that famous toothpaste with the miracle ingredient, well almost every toothpaste has that ingredient. But it was only that brand that thought of mentioning the same.


  1. Create Character as a Spokesperson

Showmanship is everything. You need to not only have the right product and say the right things. You also need to be a person someone will listen to. I am not saying get a rocket scientist and use up your airtime with awards and titles. I am saying you need to have character that breeds recall. For me there is no better example for this than the recently departed CEO of a very successful smart phone.


  1. Back Everything Up

Some products and some target audience demand an expert. Why should I listen to this person? What has he done? What kind of education does he have, what learned treatise has he written? I am not saying you should find someone as distinguished as Lee Iacocca. I am saying that if you are selling something that requires a great deal of expertise then you need to be a spokesperson that has or is perceived to have that expertise.


  1. Update your Ads

If you want to be considered an expert then you need to have several ads under your belt. The best way to go about this is to regularly update the same. Of course, you need to take care not to over expose yourself. Weekly or bi-weekly updates in my opinion are the best because daily updates spell desperate and monthly updates are just too far apart that your audience has already forgotten you. Of course, this also depends on what type of product or service you are selling. For example, if your service is daily news then daily it is.


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