How to Encourage Facebook Shares

I seriously think that there is a competition going on between the Like and Share functions in Facebook. More frequently, I have noticed that people will not only Like a post, they will also Share it. Is this bad? It’s definitely not. In fact, both are helpful tools in getting your business the necessary boost through social media. So if you think that you are being left behind this trend, you may want to consider these tips based on my observations.


Filipinos Share on the basis of emotions. I have seen an overwhelming number of notifications in my Facebook account twice this year: when “Habagat” came and when we were under a political turmoil. Much of these Shares contain one element: emotions. You know that Filipinos are easily swayed by display of emotions, and as a business owner, you can use this to drive the Shares in your page. Consider advertising strategies that “touches” the Filipino heart.

Filipinos Share because of values. Still drawing my discussion from the above, most of the pictures people Shared speak of the different values of the Filipino: being helpful, being religious, being sensitive, and being critical of our country’s situation. So ask yourself this: how can you tailor your advertising goals to fit Filipino values? If you can answer this question, you can move towards tailoring your posts and advertisements to portray value-laden themes.

Filipinos Share because of humor. Some foreigners say that the Filipinos do not know humor. I guess they’re wrong. Here is what I’m trying to prove when I say that shares increase when posts or pictures contain the following:

  • “Kilig” moments. Filipinos love to be in love and are their feelings lead them to share that “moment”.
  • Parodies of actual issues today. We love to always look at the bright side of things, so we find creative ways to break serious problems and expose the humorous side.
  • Fad/Social trends. This pertains to the younger generation’s tastes when it comes to media, literature, music, movies, social events, and so on.

So what do all of these mean to you? It means that sometimes, you need to think outside the box and come up with creative advertising strategies. That picture or page containing your business name and a model who simply smiles will not do the trick. Because you can use text and images (even animation), why don’t you make your page as interactive as possible?

Filipinos Share because of relevant content. Now don’t get all too fluffy and start bombarding your viewers a lot of information. Just tell them how they can get more benefit from patronizing your business through catchphrases. If people will find the content in your page informative, controversial, beneficial, humorous, and interesting, users would probably want to Share the news to their social circle. And no, they will not do it by sending a mass text message to their friends. The Share button simply does the trick.

When business people say that Sharing improves their positions, it means you could be on your way to be the winner.

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