How to Get Hired in Google Philippines

Getting hired in Google Philippines is definitely everyone’s dream. The internet giant opened January this year, setting up in the nation’s capital with Narciso Reyes being appointed as the country manager.

Google SEA's Julian Persaud.

Google SEA’s Julian Persaud.

According to the managing director of Google for the Southeast Asia segment Julian Persaud, the Philippines is a key country for Google. The new office will make it easier for Filipinos to communicate with Google and the latter to serve their clients within the country better. The proximity of a Google headquarters will also be incredibly beneficial for local businesses, allowing them access to help directly from the biggest search engine company today. With statistics predicting exponential growth of the internet in the Philippines, Google’s decision to set up shop is right on time.


Google Philippines is Hiring

With Google setting a home base in the country, their need for technologically talented Filipinos will surely be heavy. In fact, Google is already opening its doors for applicants who want to be part of this multinational corporation known for their excellent compensation system. The management and office system of Google is also the stuff of legends with claims that the main base contains creative decors and foosball tables. With this chance to be part of something big, it is not surprising that many Filipinos are doing their best to be part of Google Philippines. Although no exact number of employees to be hired is released, there’s a good chance that Google PH will be more room for a hundred or more.


Why Work for Google?

As already mentioned, Google is one of the most desirable companies to work for today – not just in the Philippines but in practically every country where they have a base. The main

Have you ever seen one of G's offices? :)

Have you ever seen one of G’s offices? 🙂

reason is the salary that is comparatively more than other tech companies are. Other benefits you might find with Google include:


  • Opportunity for Growth – Google demands the best from their employees, which is why they spend millions to make sure that all their coders are up to date. Considering the extensive impact of Google for the internet, it only makes sense that the corporation giant would want their people to know more than the usual coder. By simply being part of the company, employees will find themselves learning more skills to further their craft.


  • Bigger and Better Career Opportunities – just being able to place Google in your work experience is already a compelling sight for future employers. Google is seen as one of the most distinguishing companies today, meaning that they only hire people that meet their exacting standards. Future employers will see this as a proof of your excellence in the industry. Of course, the need to switch jobs may not be necessary at all. The corporation is global-encompassing after all and could offer excellent positions to those who are worthy.


  • Excellent Working Environment – as already mentioned, the Google offices are the stuff of legends. Known for their unorthodox office furniture, the place is specially designed to boost the creativity and productivity of employees.


  • Unlikely Layoff – the extent of Google and its exponential growth bears the promise of reliability as a company. Considering how much disposable income the business has, it’s unlikely for individuals to experience layoffs once they are part of Google Philippines.


How to Get Hired for Google

Of course, considering the high-caliber of this particular company, it only makes sense for them to require only the best from applicants. Google employs specific hiring practices to make sure that they are getting ideal people for the job. Interesting fact: Google doesn’t call their people “employees” but instead give them the nickname “Googlers”. If you’re aiming to be a Filipino Googler, here’s what to do:


  • If you’re still at school – work hard. Google is always looking for fresh minds that bear promise of creativity and skill. An impressive transcript may not take you all the way, but it
    Caution: Google is not interested with human applicants. Only those with super powers. :D

    Caution: Google is not interested with human applicants. Only those with super powers. 😀

    will definitely open doors and provide a distinct advantage.


  • When inquired about what it takes to be a Google employee, the Google Director of Staffing Arnnon Geshuri mentions motivated, enthusiastic and entrepreneurial. The key word here is “entrepreneurial” as the giant prefers people who have the brains to start their own business. This can be because self-starters tend to be more creative, driven and inspired. Increase your knowledge about internet marketing and be prepared to answer questions about your personal goals.


  • Pad your resume. Make sure to get as much experience as you can, not just from paid employment but also from outside sources. Google – or any employer for that matter – regards personal development as an important factor when hiring.


  • The Google team is mostly concerned about an individual’s ability to tackle real-life situations. During the screening process, they are likely to ask role-related questions, allowing individuals to provide an insight on how they will solve specific problems. This will give the Google team an idea on how you think and whether you are fit for the corporation.


  • Another factor the giant will be looking for is “Googleyness”. Basically, this means they’ll be checking out just how comfortable you will be in their unorthodox working environment. How you respond to the ambiguous, collaborative personality and other factors that will help you fit right in.


Make sure to check the positions open by visiting the Google webpage for the Philippines. This should be an excellent place to get started. Google is also very supportive of prospective employees, providing tips and techniques for those who want to be part of the company. You should try visiting these videos and articles first to find out how to act and respond during an all-important interview process.

An interview with a Google spokesman Jordan Newman revealed the most important qualification for the company. According to him, at the end of the day “…we’re looking for top talent. We want to find the best and the process is really defined to do that”.

Hence, if you’re looking to be part of this tech Giant – plan as early as now.

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  1. Wow! What a great chance for those who love to code. This is my dream but I think I can’t make it these days. Though I am still NOT giving up… Thanks for sharing this information.

    This gives me more motivation to learn more about coding and internet marketing.

    – Felix

  2. Nice article! As an online marketer, be hired on Google is a dream come true. Hope, one day, I joined with them even on a cup of coffee 🙂

  3. Paul Agabin says:

    G is always looking for talented coders. Let’s dream big Felix! 🙂

  4. Paul Agabin says:

    Dream come true indeed. Thanks for the comment Ron! 😀

  5. kenjen says:

    Are they also looking for network engineers ?

  6. JASMEET SINGH says:

    How can we apply for a job in google

  7. lio says:

    are they looking for visual designers too? rather than coders?

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