How to Learn from Mr. RJ David and Succeed Just Like him

Being in the business and advising people in this industry for quite some time, I have heard many inspirational stories from people from all walks of life who have managed to ride against the waves and made it big in the online marketing industry. One such story is that of Mr. RJ David, a Mechanical Engineer-turned web developer and internet entrepreneur. I’d like to share a few tidbits of his story so that maybe you and I can learn something new that we haven’t learned, or something old that we have already forgotten.

Who is RJ David?

Mr. RJ David is just like you and me; an ordinary, fun-loving, forum-trolling Filipino citizen. Like I mentioned, he graduated as a mechanical engineer but he chose to turn to what he loved to do, which was web development and IT. He spent a few years working as a regular IT employee, rising through the ranks of software tester, PHP developer, until he reached a senior status. It was then when he decided he had had enough of employee life and decided to go out on his own.

He started doing freelance IT projects, as well as starting a few odds-and-ends side ventures that didn’t turn out quite well. Eventually, he went back to his love and focused on IT and IT-related business ventures.

After a few more attempts that missed their marks, he and his girlfriend started on something that inevitably hit the bull’s-eye. But what was so surprising was that this success was something the two of them did not expect; they were only after gathering information, but ended up with a nationwide online marketing phenomenon.

In other words, Mr. David is the same as the rest of us—a simple guy with a simple plan and with big dreams.

Moral of the Story

I think the moral of every story such as Mr. David’s is the same: perseverance, determination, and love for what you do. It didn’t deter him that he had failed or missed so many times, what was important to him was that he loved what he was doing, and he was doing what he loved.

He also likes to think outside of the box, which is something that will benefit many online marketers. He left employment to venture into something he wasn’t fully prepared to do, and that shows boldness and courage. Taking risks is also part of a business, and yes, risks do end up in failures, sometimes, but should it stop you? It certainly didn’t stop Mr. David.

One thing I happen to pass on to my friends asking advice or tips on business and careers (especially to those complaining that they can’t find a job), is that you shouldn’t look for a job, because jobs aren’t perfect. There IS no perfect job. What you should be looking out for are opportunities.

Take Mr. David’s case, for instance. He started every business venture he could think of, and they didn’t come out as expected. But still he kept taking risks and creating opportunities for himself. In the end, when he wasn’t looking for success in a particular project, success surprised him by jumping him on the neck.

So to you, my dear entrepreneurs, dare to take risks! You won’t be able to win big if you don’t up the ante, and your chips won’t stack up quite as high if you keep tossing little coins. Money—that comes and goes. But opportunities? Those only come once in a while.

Take Mr. RJ David’s life lessons, and who knows? Maybe you could be the next person who will come with the next online marketing phenomenon, like what Mr. David did in the form of

RJ David with’s new ambassador, Lourd de Veyra in July 2012

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