In Touch with You: Mobile Apps to Keep Your Business and Customers Connected

How many apps do you have on your smart phone or your tablet? I’m sure you have used at least one mobile app within the last 24 hours. There are recent researches that show about 50% of the users of smart phones and tablets use mobile apps to find local information. If you want an effective way to reach out to your target customers in the local scene, you could consider developing your own mobile apps. Many other internet marketers like you have done so and are now more connected to their customers even when there is no transaction underway. The convenience and value of your mobile app will determine how it will be met by your target market and to what extent they will be used.

Gone are the days when you need a developer in order to make your mobile apps for you. Even if you are well-versed with only the business side of internet marketing, you can easily deal with the technical task of creating a mobile app for your customers to use in their mobile devices. There are programs and app building software that you can take advantage of today in order to create your own local mobile apps for your business. You do not even have to spend that much since most of these programs normally do not charge a huge amount of money unless you want them to take care of putting your mobile apps in the app marketplace as well.


From what I gathered, the more sophisticated the app building features are and the more extensive the services of the app builder are, the more expensive the program is. You have to carefully consider the kind of help that you need in building your mobile apps and determine what scope of local mobile app building you want for your business. Then, you can consider various options based on various price points as well as these other factors:

  1. Easy-to-use platform – some of these local mobile app builders have platforms that can be used even by non-techie internet marketers. You can make use of drag-and-drop feature as well as ready-made customizable templates when you create your local mobile app. Do remember to keep your app clean and uncluttered so that your target audience will find it easy to navigate and use.
  2. Healthy ecosystem – you want your local mobile app builder to be supported by a host of implements to support your app. Among these include blogs, podcasts, links, and other features that help your mobile presence become more meaningful for your customers.
  3. Expert and reliable customer service – this is especially helpful if you do not know much about programming and all those technical things about creating local mobile apps. There are app building platforms that can patch you through to experts who can help you with whatever challenges your run into while creating your local mobile apps. Check the online forums for feedback on the reliability of the customer service facilities of the local mobile apps building platforms.

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