Link Building Strategies for 2012

Picture a convergence mechanism where you monopolize the traffic to your website depending on the kind of business you own. It sounds perfect right? Well, you are not far from attaining that. If you can’t, you can at least move closer to it. One of the ways to doing that is through optimized link building.

Links are paths consumers follow before landing to the various pages of your website. Link building is not merely about generating links for people to find their way to your website, but also making these links as efficient as possible to achieve your business goals online. Because the algorithms, or the mechanisms used by search engines to rank and display websites changes, you need to find a way to be flexible enough to stay mainstream. That is, search engines will find your website relevant enough to be on top of the results page. Here are a few strategies for you.

Consider guest posting. Imagine this: you have come upon a blog or a business-related page where people are leaving comments. Instead of you creating an account to get involved, you can post a comment as a guest. Now, be careful when doing this because people are now wary of posts that also contain a link (a back link) to the poster’s website. You may be mistaken as a spammer. What you can do is to post relevant content that prompts readers to check you out. This simply means meaning what you post in accordance to the subject.

Forum posting. Forum posting requires you to register. At least this brings about a perceived credibility to other users because you are a registered member. Now, if you spot a topic that matches the products or services your business offers, it is your chance to offer leave a back link to your website.

For both of the above, the traffic that results from people visiting your business page will contribute to the ranking you get. Because your visibility is high, your website gradually moves up to the ranks in a search engine’s results page. This does you an advantage because visitors may end up being converted as customers.

Optimizing links in your website. Links that land people on your homepage are important. And so are those that can lead them to the different parts of your site. This means that you can place links on the different pages of your pages in every page or section. This allows users to navigate your site a little bit easier than having to go to the homepage first.

Get involved. When you find people talking about something related to your business, you can pounce on that chance to let them know your business’ existence. Leave them a link that directs them to your site and voila! If not all, some of them will visit. The idea in getting involved is to make sure that you are contributing useful information and that people will find benefit by visiting your website. Note that you are still engaged in business, so couple this with various marketing strategies.

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