PayPal Alternatives: For Online Entrepreneurs in the Philippines

If you’re trying to attain success as an online entrepreneur, you are probably wondering whether there is a good substitute to PayPal.

After all, if you’re mainly selling to fellow Filipinos, you would be at a disadvantage since they probably don’t have the time to open a UnionBank Eon account just for the sake of obtaining access to PayPal’s services. Worry not, as I am more than willing to share my knowledge of “payment alternatives” with you. Indeed, you just have to read on.

Look at all those goodies! I hope a major player will beat Paypal soon. 🙂

Thinking about Bank Deposits

If you’d spend a few minutes to browse advertisement-listing websites, you’d surely notice that most people with an online business accept bank deposits for payment purposes. Well, such a simple payment option often proves to be reliable for three reasons. First, most individuals know how to make a bank deposit. Second, there is an abundance of banks throughout the Philippines. Third and last, such a mode of payment usually does not necessitate additional fees that consumers find off putting.

GCash and True Convenience

During the brief period that I’ve attempted to free up space at home by selling stuff that I no longer need, I realized just how useful GCash is. After all, such a PayPal alternative eliminates the hassles of completing transactions, as buyers would only have to use their phone to send money. It should be pointed out however, that such convenience comes at a price, as relying on the service means that it would be a must to pay for transaction fees: a problem that is also often associated with PayPal.

Matter of Money and Branches

Without a doubt, GCash mainly caters to the younger crowd, as it involves the need to learn about the basics of mobile phone banking. It is for this very reason that the most successful online entrepreneurs also accept payments through LBC and Western Union. Of course, you might begin to wonder as to what makes such payment gateways appealing to some people. Well, sending money through such means merely involves a trip to a nearby branch and filling up a form.

On Catering to the International

At this point, you are probably thinking about a certain question: is there a PayPal alternative that would suit the needs of those who wish to accept international orders? As I’ve found out firsthand, the answer to such a query is yes. Xoom and RemitHome are both known for their capability to seamlessly process money transfers to the Philippines. What is most interesting about such companies though, is that they make home deliveries, which in turn eliminates the need to allocate time just to get one’s profits.

The Most Suitable Suggestion

As I’ve made clear, there are several PayPal substitutes available to the common online entrepreneur. I should probably emphasize an important point though: variety is the key to making it big. Simply put, while you might be more comfortable in offering just one or two payment options, it would definitely be most advantageous to provide consumers with as many choices as possible. All in all, if you wish to attain success in your business endeavors, you should exert effort to sign up for multiple payment gateways.


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  2. Martina Braga says:

    Having multiple payment gateways is definitely the most advantageous way of collecting payments online. In this way I can be sure that most of customers find the preferred payment method. I am currently using Pysera for accepting credit cards and few more alternative payment options such as Paypal and Google Checkout. This covers a big number of customers worldwide.

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