Seven Tips for Protecting Your Brand’s Online Reputation

If you have not Googled your company lately, you may be in for a shock at what you find. Filipinos love to talk, and they may be talking about you and not in a positive way. So now, you’re facing a reputation problem as one negative comment gets picked up in the echo chamber that is the Internet. Now what? Here are some tips on how to protect your brand’s online reputation.

your reputation is your brand’s first line of defense

  1. Create a profile in social networking sites. Set up a Facebook or LinkedIn page and use them to promote a positive image for your brand. But remember that the keyword is networking, and you should also develop a relationship with your clients. Interact with them on your page. For example, if you can be of assistance to somebody who posts on Facebook, you should help them. Once you’ve set up your profiles, use a Google + profile page to link them together.
  2. Diversify your online presence. Don’t lean too much on one networking site but spread your web presence on a variety of them. This will also help boost your online rankings in Google and other search engines by giving you a more natural linking profile.
  3. Use Twitter to address challenges to your reputation. One of the major advantages of a Twitter account is that you can reply to negative comments quickly before they spread and become a real problem. You can also build your reputation using Twitter by sending out good news about your business. But be judicious about your Tweets and don’t send one out just for the sake of doing so if you don’t have anything substantial to say.
  4. Ask satisfied customers to write positive reviews about your business. These don’t have to be full reviews, comments will be enough. But even simply leaving a ranking for your business is enough to help boost your reputation, particularly if enough of them do it to increase your overall ranking.
  5. If you encounter a negative review, contact the person who posted it so that you can address the problem. At the very least, you should offer an apology if one is warranted. At the very least leave a comment explaining your side of the situation. But don’t be defensive and respond to the negative comment in a professional manner.
  6. Don’t hesitate to promote your social responsibility initiatives. You can do this by adding another page on your site specifically for this purpose. Or you can send out online press releases. By focusing on building positive news about your brand, you can push down the rankings of negative mentions on search engine results pages.
  7. Create a blog. Blogs are great ways to protect your brand’s reputation, since they allow you to discuss problems in detail as well as reporting positive developments about your business. And blogs often rank highly in organic search engine results pages, particularly if you post interesting and useful content on them that attracts traffic. You can also use your blog to interact with your customers through the comments section.



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