Simple Filipino Forum Marketing Strategies: Guilt-Free Advertising

While surfing the web, you probably noticed that a lot of spammers frequent forums to “advertise”. Well, placing a few links and some incoherent messages on discussion boards is definitely not a good way to “market” your offerings. After all, even though spammers do manage to achieve some of their link-building goals, they never fail to infuriate forum goers.

If you wish to learn about much more effective ways to take advantage of iSTORYA, PinoyExchange, PhilBoxing, or any other discussion board online, then I am more than willing to share with you some easy-to-follow yet reliable marketing strategies.

Never Forget to Offer a Helping Hand

Really, I am telling you that helping makes for excellent marketing. To explain, you should know that most forums do not tolerate members who create new threads just to discuss their very own products or services. Of course, there are discussion boards that have “marketplace” sections to facilitate entrepreneurial activities. But you probably have realized firsthand that such “areas” in forums fail to grab people’s attention. Helping on the other hand, by providing meaningful responses in threads, sticks to the mind of a forumite. Just make sure though, that your name can indeed be associated with your brand.

Opportunities through Good Etiquette

Despite being a “good” forum go-er, you should still keep your eyes peeled for potential linking opportunities. Specifically, you should grab every chance to place a link to your website without going against forum rules and etiquette. For one, you should spend some time familiarizing yourself with policies about signature links, in order to find out whether it would be possible to link to your website for every reply that you post. Aside from this, you should also look for discussions that might be related to your website’s content, which means that you could place a link in your reply and still add to the discussion.

Finding Appropriate Discussion Boards

At this point, you might actually be starting to doubt my suggestions. After all, even though you have spent so much time and effort finding ways to “market” your offerings, the results seem a bit lackluster. Have you ever considered that you might be posting in the wrong discussion board? Well, you should certainly check whether your forum of choice actually coincides with your niche. Worry not; finding the right discussion board is easy: you just have to think of relevant terms in relation to your products or services, then add the word forum to them and begin “Googling for answers”.

About What You Have Learned Today

You surely have learned a lot today. After all, you no longer have to come up with plans of spamming discussion boards with links just to get barely-appreciable results. Indeed, your attempts to “advertise”, albeit rather indirectly, on forums no longer have to cause grief for other members. Simply put, you just need to keep two important terms in mind: helpfulness and relevance. By checking whether your marketing strategy represents such words, you would surely be able to succeed in your attempts. All in all, even in matters that pertain to online entrepreneurship, being “good” really does pay off.

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