The anatomy of a Jedi-powered Marketing Newsletter

Marketing newsletters are a type of online or print periodicals that are issued in a regular frequency. It has various purposes ranging from dissemination of information, solicitation for help, education, encouragement, and marketing.

This article focuses on marketing newsletters that seek to increase brand awareness, secure sales, and market a service or a product. If you are an online marketer and are planning to launch a marketing campaign through a newsletter, let me help you go over the parts that you need to include.

The business picture areas. This section refers to the parts of the newsletter that contains images, icons, tables, and other illustrated media. These are a few examples: the title of your newsletter, the theme you choose, the layout of the contents, the fillers, advertisement boxes, and contact information boxes. It is important to make certain that these visual elements reflect the public image you want your business to be recognized for. The key attributes to keep in mind are as follows: color harmony, image quality, image property coherence, and overall visual impression.

The press release/public relations areas. These are text-based elements that make up the content of your newsletter. Press releases deal with recent business developments like new products, new services, business strategies, business accomplishments, and any other information that compounds the good image of your business. Sometimes, businesses have enough resources to do outreach programs. In the Philippines, consumers are impressed with companies who take part in charitable activities. This helps drive sales and build respect businesses. Make sure you include those if you are a participant.

The advertisement areas. Note that this is not limited to the banners that people see. An advertisement can take other forms like current trends in the market, product reviews and product comparisons. Product rankings per brand can also be included here.

The reader advantage areas. As a complement to the advertisement areas, you would also want something that educates readers. While it is your goal to promote a product, you should not ignore influencing your customer’s buying practices. An example would be including an article about the tips consumers should consider when before buying soap. You make think it corny or irrelevant but you have no idea about the impression what these articles leave your readers owing to the benefits they derive from it.

The prompt for action areas. These are areas, which are distributed across the sections in your newsletter that tells your readers what to do if they want to participate in a trial offer, purchase a product, write a review, or just place a general comment for your business. Consider this as the engaging part of your newsletter because you actually make consumers act on your business. When you design this area, make sure that you make the cues easy enough for consumers to follow, that it is easily seen, and that the links actually work.

Apart from those enumerated above, do not forget to leave your contact details. If possible establish the following channels: phone, live chat, email, snail mail, and SMS.

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