The Future of Summit Media: Online Magazines?

Summit Media is the country’s leading magazine publisher, with a line of publications designed to appeal to a range of audiences. Summit also holds the licenses to publish local versions of popular titles such as Cosmopolitan, Esquire and FHM.

For advertisers, placing ads in Summit magazines represents a valuable opportunity to reach a targeted audience that is genuinely interested in what they have to sell. And since the magazines are established brands that have already gained endorsement power in the minds of their readers, advertisers placing ads in these publications automatically have credibility, making it more likely that readers will buy their products.

Summit Media is transitioning into a web-based network of magazines.

With an eye to the future, Summit has also established a strong presence in the online world through official websites for many of their most popular publications. These sites enable readers to engage with the brand in a more active way than they could by reading the print publication.


For example, visitors might be able to read updated showbiz news that did not make it into the print magazine, watch behind-the-scenes videos of a pictorial, listen to audio interviews as well as avail of other types of digital content. Thus, it should not be surprising that these sites typically attract hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of web users, many of whom may not even buy the print edition of the magazine. Digital distribution is also more affordable than the traditional methods of media distribution, since it does not have to take into account the costs of printing and distributing physical publications.


For the reader, online magazines offer a host of benefits. The content on the site complements print reading, offering a more interactive experience. The online content offered is unique to the site and can be easily shared with others through email or social networking sites. The websites can be visited from anywhere, allowing the magazine to reach Filipino readers abroad who may not be able to subscribe to the print version. Also, a great majority of readers may simply prefer web-based content to print media, and online magazines allow the publisher to reach this audience as well.


Online magazines provide a unique opportunity to advertisers to reach prospects in more interactive ways than print ads could allow. For example, advertisers could offer short video ads that online readers can view, as well as attention-getting Flash-based ads. And once the visitor’s attention has been engaged, they can click on the ad in order to visit the advertiser’s official site, providing the opportunity to convert them to paying customers.


The trend of readers pulling towards web-based content is sure to continue and intensify with the growing popularity of tablet computers that allow them to visit online magazine sites anywhere there is Wi-Fi or an Internet connection. It thus seems clear that for Summit Media, the way towards the future involves continuing and deepening its engagement with online magazines, and even expanding its reach further by creating mobile phone-viewable versions of their sites that users can access while on the go.

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