The Power of Google Analytics

The most popular and widely used web analytics is the Google Analytics. It is a free service offered by Google to generate statistics surrounding visits to a particular website. Like all the other web analytics, Google’s measures, collect, analyze, and report information surrounding every single visit a user makes to a particular website.

Google analytics is in its simplest form a website statistics service which is of importance to internet marketers as they are to webmasters. Most webmasters are aware of this free website analytics tool but very few actually use them to their advantage on a regular basis. Either they are intimidated by its seemingly complicated nature or are just ignorant of the awesome power it has in leading webmasters and marketers in fine tuning their marketing strategies to ensure success.

With GA in place in your site, you will be able to track how many people get to visit your site on a daily basis. It will tell you if it was just a fleeting visit and the visitor quickly leaves as fast as he arrived. It will provide you with information where the visits are actually coming from and which sites are referring them to your site including those coming from the search engines. With GA, you’d be able to determine which of your pages gets visited the most. The most important statistic it imparts aside from traffic and where it is coming from is it tells you which keyword brings in the most traffic to your site.

With all these metrics therefore a webmaster would be able to know what tweaks are necessary to improve the performance of a site and for marketers to fine tune their marketing strategies using keywords that bring in the traffic as well as find out which segment of the targeted market brings in the best results. In short GA helps allow both webmasters and marketers alike by pointing them in the direction where tweaks and adjustments are necessary to achieve the set objectives.

Without these metrics, there is no way for marketers to gauge the progress of their marketing efforts. They are also likely to pour more of their resources on areas that no longer require support while leaving the details that needs to be tweaked totally unattended.

In other words, for web masters and marketers to be able to utilize their resources wisely, they need all the metrics that Goggle analytics provide. For webmasters, GA is his best friend as it can provide him with alerts when there are problems on the site like the common occurrence of 404 error messages on your site which can drive away traffic for good. With your Google Analytics set to give you alerts when such errors occur, you can immediately make the necessary corrections before things gets worse and more people are driven away not to be seen again for a long while just because they can’t access your site when they wanted to. Leaving such errors unnoticed and unattended will not only be driving away traffic, a 404 would be tantamount to slapping the face of every visitor who comes to your site.

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