Tips on Effectively Using Podcasts as an Internet Marketing Tool

A growing number of businesses are realizing the importance of using podcasts as part of their Internet marketing strategy.

Podcasts are recorded audio programs that you can listen to online or download for listening on mp3 players, and can even subscribe to on syndication services such as iTunes or RSS feeds. And they can be created at minimal cost on your computer using a microphone and audio recording and editing software. In fact, the popularity of podcasting has even resulted in specialized podcasting software that integrates recording and editing functions with the ability to publish it by adding programs to your site or submitting them to a podcast directory.


Podcasts can be a great way to build your brand by establishing your expertise in a particular niche, as well as driving traffic back to your site. The most difficult thing about podcasting is not the creation of the programs themselves, but marketing them since there are thousands, if not millions, of podcasts out there on the Internet jockeying for people’s attention. In addition, it can also be very difficult to get people interested in a podcast. Here are some tips on how you use your podcast to effectively market your business.


  1. Use a variety of methods to tell people about your podcast. If you already have an email list, email them about your podcast and make it easier for them to listen by including a link that they can click on. If you have a Twitter account you can tweet your followers about your new podcast. And, of course, you can embed your podcasts on your Facebook page.
  2. Make it easy for people to get your podcast. Apart from submitting your podcast to iTunes and other podcast directories, you should also create an RSS feed so that people that receive your podcast regularly on their chose feed aggregators.
  3. Provide useful content. Don’t turn your podcast into an extended advertisement for your business but make it worthwhile for people to invest their time listening to you by providing them with content that they need. You can provide how-to’s and tips, for example. You can also encourage your listeners to email you with questions and suggestions for future shows so you won’t run out of content ideas.
  4. Stick to a regular schedule. Once you’ve successfully launched your show, you should commit to doing it on a regular basis in order to build an audience. This means that you should not only come out with new shows regularly, you should make sure that they come out on a predictable schedule. For example, you can post new shows every Monday.
  5. Use SEO techniques on your podcast so that it would rank highly on search engine results pages. For example, you can use relevant keywords on your ID3 tags. You can also create a short summary of your podcast on your blog that uses your most searchable keywords. You can also consider posting a transcript of your podcast on your blog which you can optimize to make it more search-engine friendly.
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