Top 7 Ideas on How to Get Free Online Media Attention in the Philippines

Let’s face it, every entrepreneur wants free online media attention for their brand. I’ll discuss some hypnotic strategies after the jump.

When my marketing team first started to dabble in local clients, they began to have queries about media attention. They knew right away that getting others to feature certain products on their websites is advantageous in more ways than one. Now that my team becomes experienced in the world of web-based entrepreneurship, they’re already aware that there are several reliable ways of convincing individuals to write about an offering. If you’d like to learn about these techniques in grabbing people’s attention, just read on.


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Seven Awesome Strategies to Remember:

  • The Conversation – upon being asked to get media attention for a product: you must begin to search and analyze for sites that have active discussions/forums regarding their industry. Contrary to what you expect however, don’t just post links by using the reply/comments box. You must contribute to the various discussions on the website until you become part of the community. Once you’re seen as a respected poster, try to introduce whatever it is that you’re attempting to sell in a manner relevant to the talks. Soon enough, the products that you’ve been pointing out would become the topic of an entire conversation. Get active in your niche – Join communities!
  • The Controversy – if I were tasked to pique people’s interests, I’d think about the power of controversial subjects. Simply put, you must first look for a frequently visited blog that is essentially home to debaters. Once you’ve accomplished such a task, try to come up with a topic or even a mere comment that could become hotly contended and yet remain relevant to the product or service that you’re going to promote. Just like the previous strategy that we’ve discussed, it’d be just a matter of time before your offerings become the focus of online media once you’ve sparked enough controversial discussions. Get viral in your niche by creating buzz!
  • The CelebrationI’d always tell my U.K. clients that bloggers like celebrations. Entrepreneurs who wish to get media attention should tell blogging enthusiasts about upcoming
    bloggers event

    Bring a lot of vodka in your event to loosen up the bloggers!

    events that commemorate important business milestones. For example, if a startup company would soon celebrate its first “birthday” and a small get-together will be held, don’t miss the chance to invite a few bloggers. Even those who just engage in buy-and-sell endeavors could capture the interests of online media personalities. After all, telling such popular people about celebratory discounts is always a wise course of action.  Connect with bloggers in your events.

  • The Enumeration – Make it a point to publish articles that feature a list of interesting information, best if you can create an infographic about it. Of course, such fun facts need to be somewhat related to the product or service that you’re trying to promote. Once the write-ups are ready, search for blogs that encourage link swapping. Upon carrying out such straightforward steps, just wait until a blogger decides to use the fun facts that you’ve listed in writing a new article. Have some interesting facts in your website/blog.
  • media buzz

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  • The Connection – at this point, you’d probably notice that almost every strategy that we’ve discussed does not guarantee noteworthy outcomes. I believe that there are no guarantees when it comes to marketing success: there are only probability enhancers. Among such luck boosters, connections really stand out. I’m not saying that you need to personally know someone related to a reporter just to get free media attention. I’m telling you that you should connect with as many people as possible online. If the posts that you’ve shared through social networks are interesting, then someone might just tell the media about it. Share your content in social media, groups and pages.
  • The Good Manner – each time my team attempt to pique the interests of bloggers, they act in the best way possible. You’re probably wondering though, as to why being nice is essential in encouraging the most popular bloggers to write something about your products or services. Well, we Filipinos do have a tendency to repay the kindness of others. This means that just by responding to posts in a friendly way, you’d be able to convince the blogger that you’re worthy of being given special attention. As a result, you’d soon be asked whether you’d want one of your offerings to be featured on the website. Get friendly, smile often.
  • The Portal – I should emphasize a vital fact: members of the online media usually search the web for interesting websites. It’s mainly due to this piece of information that my team always exerts effort to improve the site of any company that they end up working for. To explain, if a product’s website is truly a cut above the rest in terms of visual appeal and usability, then it would most likely be featured on articles that explain the must-dos of building a good online hub. If your website however, is difficult to navigate, have too much advertisements and crappy content, you’ll be having trouble. Maintain a user-friendly, innovative website.
worst website

Q&A Portion: Is this a website? Or a kiddie bulletin board? =D


Towards Even Greater Success

Now that you know about the various techniques in encouraging the online media populace to write about your products or services… You’ll have to learn about two important methods of maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with bloggers and other web-based writers:

  • The Proper Gratitude – once you’ve finally managed to have one of your offerings featured on a frequently visited website, it would then be necessary to return the favor by promoting the blogger’s site on your own. Aside from this, you’d also have to inform other people – especially those who are in your social network circle – about the article by posting the appropriate link.
  • The Buyer Benefit – a write-up that’s filled with all sorts of positive details about your product or service is definitely priceless. It’s for this very reason that you shouldn’t hesitate to give the blogger several perks such as discounts, samplers, and even freebies. If you’re a bit hesitant to do so, just think about this: such signs of gratitude significantly increase your chances of enjoying another featured article.

All in all, I’m sure that you’ve learned an important lesson today: even beginners in entrepreneurial endeavors have a chance to capture the media’s fancy.

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