Useful Firefox Plug-ins for Your SEO Strategies

Plug-ins is a collective term for the tools you can add to your browser and enhance your online experience. Plug-ins is classified into various categories ranging from technology to sports. In this post, I will be focusing on business-related add-ons that you can use with a Mozilla Firefox browser.

SEO Quake

What it does: enables you to check your page rank on Google or other search engines. It also allows you to check alexa rank, to get the total number of back links that are indexed, and to perform research about your competitors.

What it means to you: SEO Quake is beneficial for businessmen on the go. You only get 24 hours in a day so you may not be able to monitor the activities in your business page. SEO Quake allows you to go back to records of your business page. In doing so, you will get information that lead you to learn ways on how to improve your ranking online and eventually establish the visibility you needed.

Keyword Generator

What it does: Abbreviated as KGen, this plug-in is beneficial in on page optimization. This is a form of optimization that relates to the keywords you use within the pages of your business page. So when you visit a competitor’s page, or the pages within your website, this add-on tells you the how dense your selected keywords are (keyword density).

What it means to you: The keywords this add-on finds are displayed in a clipboard. When you make a post, you can use these keywords as tags. What happens then is when an online user happens to look for the products or services you offer by typing in your keyword or tags; he ends up on your business page.

User Agent Switcher

What it does: This add-on is useful when it comes to making sure that your business page can be viewed across all browsers. Common browsers apart from Mozilla are Google Chrome, Opera, Netscape, Safari, and Internet Explorer. This add-on addresses compatibility issues.

What it means to you: You cannot control consumer preferences when it comes to the browsers they use. However, you can allow them to view your business page in any browser by analyzing the results of the compatibility information offered by this add-on. You can them make technical adjustments to your website to make all features, links, pictures, and text viewable to all.


What it does: this plug-in is focused on your business page’s performance. The way your page performs is evaluated by this plug-in in reference to predefined criteria. You will also have the power to set personalized criteria to make your pager better. One example of website performance is loading speed. That is, how fast your webpage displays in consumer monitors.

What it means to you: business pages that have performance problems are annoying. It turns people away. You can lose income in this case. Know that Yslow does not only analyze the performance of your browser. It also gives you tips, resources, and tools to improve your page’s performance. That means decreased probability of losing potential customers due to technical inconvenience.

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