Who is Abe Olandres? – What can we learn from him?

We can only look up to a few people who cause inspiration if we are to become effective online marketing individuals. One of them is Abe Olandres.

No, he does not directly do online marketing. He does not buy websites either. Here’s what I’ve learned about him. Hopefully, you will become inspired as I am.

Mr. Olandres holds a degree in BS Chemistry and Computer Engineering from Ateneo de Manila University. For a few months after his graduation in 2000, he established himself as a blogger. In 2002, after reading Robert Kiyosaki’s book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, he thought about establishing an online business that caters to bloggers like him. So he set out to study Computer Programming and using a credit card to finance a capital worth P1,000.00, he created YugaTech.com. From the company name, he became known as “Yuga” – an identity he is known by in the blogosphere.

Abe’s Yugatech.com – Look at all his advertisers!

At this time, Mr. Olandres considered himself as an online entrepreneur. He presently maintains YugaTech, blogs there, and also engages in the hosting business with his company called plogHost.com. Recently, he sold Pinoy Top Blogs for an undisclosed amount. So what made him successful? Here are some of the tips you can learn from.

Optimism. Mr. Olandres maintains pessimism over one’s visibility through the Internet. Through his observation, he notes that while the Internet is not as far-reaching as telecommunications, the Philippines have a significant population of Internet users. This means that eventually, we will get to harness the full potential of the Internet and start making a living from it.

Open-mindedness. Being attuned to reality led Mr. Olandres to think that if his commitment to provide a service to his fellow bloggers needs to be realized, he needs to do something to increase his visibility and start generating revenues. He then created his hosting company, plogHost.com. His reasoning tells me that visibility improves your business potential and increases your value. Think about how you have substantial visits in your blog but by using giant search engines like Google, an ordinary user will not come across your site.

Patience. Ms. Olandres believes that a blog site can eventually start earning between six to twelve months since its launch. So patience still holds its ranks among the virtues. This only means that if you are willing to commit to what you are doing, your efforts will soon pay off if you strike the right keys.

The three qualities above are the same values all Filipinos have acquired. It is not possible to possess all of them. He then leaves an advice to all novice online entrepreneurs to start where they are comfortable with, establish a stable following vertically, and gradually expand one’s niche when all indicators are positive. He believes this is possible through extensive networking. In this context, networking is about establishing connections with people who will follow your site, people who will help you expand your niche, and people who will work with you to keep your site alive. In order to do this, one must stay informed, assume an innovative spirit, and think innovatively.

How’s all that reality-bound wisdom sound to you?

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