Who is Carlo Ople?: Knowing the Ingredients to Success

People like me who spend so much time guiding others in their internet marketing efforts look up to Carlo Ople. After all, he managed to accomplish so much in so little time.

About page of Carlo Ople’s personal blog. I wonder what are they eating?

Despite being relatively young, he already has impressive credentials. For one, he was once the Digital Marketing Manager for Friendster. Aside from this, he also spent some time managing Level Up Games’ marketing pursuits. What is most impressive though, is that Carlo Ople currently handles TV5’s Digital Business Unit division while also acting as the Editor-in-Chief for both The New Media and Unbox.

There is much to learn from Carlo Ople. In fact, just by reading his blog posts, I realized why he managed to become the very definition of success. He knew the importance of courage, knowledge, and momentum. Don’t worry, as I am more than eager to share my “findings” with you. As I’ve implied, Carlo Ople is definitely not lacking in terms of bravery. This does not mean however, that he merely has the guts to tackle the most challenging of marketing tasks. He exhibits courage in every way possible, especially when he proved that he is willing to die for his loved one.

While being “fearless” is important whether in business or in personal life so as not to miss any opportunity or to have regrets, it is also crucial to develop a thirst for knowledge. Carlo Ople is a big fan of books, believing that such sources of information make learning from others’ experiences a convenient activity. Of course, he also recognizes the value of more direct approaches to “knowledge hunting”, which simply means that he never fails to encourage people to spend money on training courses and to try a few jobs. Basically, the drive to learn is related to the will to succeed.

I also think that Carlo Ople managed to become the very best online marketing specialist due to his understanding of the word “momentum”. I admit that I did not pay much attention to the term before; I simply thought that a person should never stop aiming for triumph. Carlo Ople points out in one of his blog posts though, that momentum is linked with happiness. Essentially, he is telling people that it would not be wise to just know whether a particular pursuit was completed without a hitch: appreciating the reasons why success was achieved makes it repeatable.

Attaining marketing goals is far from effortless. However, the “key ingredients” that makes such a feat “realistically possible”, is not difficult to garner. As I’ve pointed out, anyone involved in internet marketing should learn from Carlo Ople and develop a proper understanding of three terms: courage, knowledge, and momentum. It is obvious however, that only a handful appreciate such important words, but this does mean that you should be among those who do not. All in all, while it might seem a little too simple, it is undeniable that emulating Carlo Ople is akin to being equipped for success.

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