Who is Ian Del Carmen?

Ian Del Carmen was a total unknown. Even at that time he worked as a scriptwriter for the famed reality TV show Pinoy Big Brother at ABS CBN nobody paid particular attention to this chubby yet good looking guy. He was just one of the ordinary guys hanging around… or so people thought. He was a college dropout who tried to support himself through college by working as a waiter for McDonalds but couldn’t stand working under a boss and quit. Ian shuffled from one job to the other until he tried his hands on script writing. He didn’t shine there too but he did one thing that the ordinary Filipino could only hope to do – become an internet millionaire.

The amazing thing is he started to dip his fingers on internet marketing without even a computer of his own. He would rush to an internet café whenever time permitted him to. At the start, he would just go there to check emails until he blundered into the online opportunity of buying and reselling rights to a lot of eBooks. The same kind of making money online stuff internet surfers are usually confronted with. The difference is Ian develop a passion for it and pursued it with fervor until it started making millions for him.

He is no internet whiz and he had to learn everything on his own. Internet marketing was Greek to him. All he ever wanted to do was just make money for himself. The astonishing thing is he was getting into his online money making adventure at the time everyone else are starting to develop the idea that making big money online is nothing more than a scam and becoming an internet millionaire is just a pigment of the imagination.

However, driven by his passion and his dream, he forged on. At first, he would download the eBooks and compile them into cds and consign them to different stores. This did not work out well until he learned from his American mentors how to sell eBooks online through digital downloads.

here’s a sample of one of his “birthday surprise” boxes

His enthusiasm perked up at the thought of being able to sell to anyone online and he did not leave any stones unturned learning everything there is to learn about selling eBooks, selling reselling rights to them, and private labeling. All the more he got inspired after he made his first sale to an American online – a $27 eBook package. And that started his path to becoming one of the few Filipino internet millionaires who had made it big via internet marketing.

Ian Del Carmen’s rise to prominence is a typical Cinderella story which you can describe as another ‘from rags to dot com riches’ story – the title of one of the books he authored. Ian made his first million within just two years since he first embarked on his online money making adventure. Today, he is the president and CEO of his own company which he aptly named Fireball. It has a 70,000 strong client base that spans the globe from Australia, to Hong Kong, Singapore, China, United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. He is now building an empire by franchising out his company all over the world.

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