Who is Joel Disini?

With knowledge comes understanding

It is said that in order to understand the man, you need to know that man. Besides, how can you say something about someone you don’t or barely know? At this point, you might have asked, “So who is Joe Disini anyway? What makes it important for me to know him?” For one thing, you have to thank Joel Disini that you can access Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, as well as your email and blogs today.

No, Joel Disini is not the one who created the Internet and he is certainly no Internet god. Simply put, he is one of the people that were instrumental in connecting the Philippines into the World Wide Web. Yes, he was one of the first Filipinos who helped the country take that bold first step into the portals of cyberspace. The rest was history.


Who is Joel Disini?

Joel Disini is currently the CEO of DotPH, known as the official domain registry of the Philippines. During his college days, he took up a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from CalTech (California Institute of Technology). While studying in the institute he became a member of the Tau Beta Phi Honor Society. In addition, he is also a member of Mensa International.

His professional life included a 9-year stint in Silicon Valley during the 1980s where he was involved with different networking and communication companies. After going home to the Philippines in 1989, he set up his own company that became the country’s first internet service provider in 1990.


The father of Filipino netizens. =D

His influence and vision

On March 29, 1994 at exactly 10:18 am, the Philippines officially entered the portals of what is now known as the Internet. Thanks to the efforts of Joel Disini and his colleagues, the country has taken its first bold steps into the digital frontier. What started out as an email linkup between the University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University, and Victoria University in Australia has turned into a multi-billion market that now serves as a crucial pillar for the Information and Communication Technology industry. For his achievement, he was eventually recognized as one of the most influential Filipinos in the Internet in 1999.

When asked about his vision for the internet, Joel Disini envisioned a transparent government with its financial books available for public scrutiny online. By harnessing technology, the public will be ensured of a more efficient and honest government led by leaders who are elected primarily due to their track record and character.


Rewarding Good Samaritans and being a Good Samaritan as well

There is an anecdote about Joel Disini rewarding a Good Samaritan blogger who helped fix his son’s bicycle in the mid-1990s. As token of his appreciation, Joel Disini offered to host the blogger’s site on any package for two years. On the other hand, Joel Disini was also instrumental with setting up email access for remote locations in Zambales, Davao, and Bukidnon. Contrary to the claims of his critics, Joel Disini has continually shown his soft side for the common folk by sharing the gift of technology.


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  1. Joel, as my nephew, provided me free access from Camiguin as early as 1994 when the Phil-German Rural Telecommunication Network project started operation. Yes, I was browsing and doing email from the remote island of Camiguin – the home province of his maternal grandmother

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