Why Inbound Marketing is AWESOME for your Philippine Niche Business


Inbound marketing is all about getting attention the natural way. The technique is a combination of social media, content marketing and SEO in order to “attract” your target market in the Philippines.

Inbound marketing is about getting your clients to come to YOU naturally. As opposed, outbound marketing is about bombarding your clients with direct promotional messages such as buying advertising space, putting out flyers, producing commercials, etc. With more and more people being able to ignore direct advertisements, marketing teams around the world uses the inbound strategy to communicate with customers effectively.


Benefits of Inbound Marketing in the Philippinesinbound marketing

The top benefit of inbound marketing is the fact that it doesn’t “feel” like marketing. The promotion is very subtle, which means that your buyers do not feel pressured into buying. This is an effective strategy as Filipinos are quite cautious with what they’re going into.

Instead, you focus in building rapport, branding and reputation – aspects that are very important if you want to survive in the Philippine industry LONG TERM. With inbound marketing, you get to improve on qualities that cannot be statistically measured and yet considered invaluable by many companies today:

  • You will be able to improve market trust.
  • Boost your reputation and turn yourself into a trusted source of information.
  • Promote your brand and become one of the most notable companies within the niche.
  • Cultivate a strong following from a large percentage of the market.

Essentially, all these contribute to the ultimate goal of bigger sales for the company. Even better, it also helps establish longevity and serves as a trampoline for other marketing ventures.


Game-Changing Inbound Marketing Strategies

Since there’s no specific mix for inbound marketing, you have the option of mixing, matching and developing new techniques as you move along. The basics however are listed below and have been proven by experienced marketers.

1-   Utilize all the aspects of inbound marketing which are SEO, social media, blogs and content. By social media, we mean Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others that you might find. Make sure that you’ve got all these bases covered for your marketing plan.

2-   Attract people to ONE place only – preferably your business blog. All your inbound marketing efforts should bring all your traffic to this one place. This is because out of all the tools you use, the blog is the only one that you actually own. Plus, you’d be able to track traffic sources better if all of them arrive in just one place.

3-   Combine the different facets of inbound marketing for more efficient results. For example, you can create Tweets while keeping SEO in mind. This can be done by being picky inbound marketingwith the hash tags that you choose to use or the keywords you write along with content.

4-   Convert what you have. Getting clients to your page is just the first step in inbound marketing – the next is to turn that traffic into leads that you can pursue further. There are several ways to do this such as a Call to Action button, a request for their email address or leading them further to landing page. The goal is to get them interested in your product or at the very least, get their contact information. What’s great about inbound marketing conversions is that they’re almost always responsive. Since people have the option of signing in or not, you wouldn’t have to worry about newsletters making their way to the SPAM box.

5-   Squeeze in some personality into your approach. Since you are aiming for their attention, it would be unwise to come off as a non-personal entity. Stop using the words “We” or “The Company”. People respond better if you talk to them like one person to another.

6-   Network with others – specifically businesses that complement your niche. For example, if you’re selling makeup, it’s a good idea to collaborate with apparel sellers. Become a guest in their blog and offer different make up looks that match well with specific clothes. This way, you manage to promote your products and theirs to a common target market. You can also invite the other business to guest blog in yours. What happens is that you establish each other’s leadership in the beauty and fashion niche.

7-   Establish yourself as the go-to when it comes to niche-related concerns. If you make yourself out to be one of the experts, people would naturally come looking for YOU. There are several components to keep in mind when doing this such as your Google Author Rank, the timeliness of your content and their accuracy. If you want to be considered as a market leader, it’s crucial to keep up with the latest trends in your niche and be one of the few who actually delivers. Do not be afraid to reinforce your expert-status when it comes to the niche, perhaps revealing how long you’ve been in the business, your achievements and studies completed.

8-   Study and refine your inbound marketing strategy. Although the goal of inbound marketing is essentially numberless, you should still be able to glean some information by reviewing the statistics as it comes to your official blog. Depending on your platform, you should be able to tell which marketing strategies are hauling in most of the traffic. This way, you can customize your system to take advantage of the best working strategies.

9-   Focus on both quality and quantity. You don’t have to bombard your blog with lots of content – a few every week should do. The most important thing is that your clients know exactly when something new is coming out. This gives them the chance to visit the site expecting something new. If you’re sending to an email list, don’t flood your subscriber’s inbox. Once every 7 days should be perfect frequency for newsletters.


Paul’s Last Words regarding Inbound Marketing

All in all, there’s no question that inbound marketing is worth investing your time and money on. It’s a collective system that focuses improvement on your standing as a business as viewed by your target market.

Note though that inbound and outbound marketing are not mutually exclusive. There are some elements of outbound that can be utilized in inbound promotion and vice versa. As an internet marketer, it’s crucial for you to consider both when creating approaches for your business. Get active in your niche and pursue your clients with Inbound Marketing. =)

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