12 Cutting-Edge Tweaks in Optimizing Your Call-to-Actions


Do you think that all Call-to-Actions (or CTAs) have the power to boost sales? If your answer is yes, then you’re wrong.

call to action memeConsider this scenario: you decided to visit a nearby Jollibee to see whether something on the menu would tempt your tastebuds, then the person at the counter greets you in a monotonous, zombie-like voice. I bet you’d end up going to McDonald’s. If you wish to optimize your CTAs so that they don’t merely cater to the undead, just continue reading.


Some Shocking Benefits

It’s likely that you still have doubts whether it’d be wise to spend time “upgrading” your Call-to-Actions. Well, eliminating your uncertainties is easy, since you just need to think of these awesome benefits:

  • Lead-Rank Advantage – one of the most obvious perks of having excellent CTAs is that you’d be able to get quality leads. After all, by relying on encouraging Call-to-Actions, most people wouldn’t merely arrive at your website by accident – they really chose to see what you have to offer. This also means that your website’s search-engine rank would gain a noticeable boost, since having more leads is synonymous with improved traffic.
  • Superb Sales Benefits – as you’d expect, driving quality leads to your website only results in one smile-inducing outcome: more sales. If you’re wondering whether there are studies that show how much of a profit-enhancer CTAs are, then you’d be pleased with what you’re going to discover. Number-crunching analysts found out that well-optimized Call-to-Actions increase sales – and even social-media engagement – by roughly 80 percent.


An effective use of call-to-actions using a doodle/arrow strategy. =)

An effective use of call-to-actions using a doodle/arrow strategy. =)

12 Special CTA Tweaks

You finally have a newfound appreciation for well-made Call-to-Actions and you’re now hungry for information that could send your business into overdrive. Well, here are the finest (and most special) optimization tricks:

  • Be More Specific – most likely, you have articles bundled with CTAs that merely contain one word: submit. That would never lead to praiseworthy results. Instead of being vague and using a word that has a not-so-good alternate meaning, tell your would-be clients what they’ll get after clicking on the link – regardless of whether it’s just a product trial, a freebie, or even a discount.
  • Think about Size – sometimes a page contains so much information that finding space to place a dedicated Call-to-Action button becomes a pain. To solve such a dilemma, you reduced the button’s size didn’t you? Well, that’s wrong. Having a clickable CTA that no one could see is like having none at all. Instead of reducing the button’s size, you should just shorten your article.
  • A Need for 3D Depth – no, you’re not going to give much more complex meanings to your Call-to-Actions. Depth – in the context of buttons – refers to the presence
    3D/Large Shiny buttons always gets more attention than flat ones.

    3D/Large Shiny buttons always gets more attention than flat ones.

    of visual features that reduce flatness. All you have to do is to check which of your CTAs are currently inside flat-looking buttons and afterwards add shadows and bevel effects by using any image-editing software.

  • Length Guidelinesince you’ve been told to stick to Call-to-Actions that shine in specificity, you might end up believing that long CTAs are better than short ones. Truth be told, concise action-inducing lines surpass their lengthier counterparts in terms of usefulness. Here are a few examples of brief-yet-specific CTAs: “Get a Giveaway”, “Free Trial, Click Here” and “Download Bonus E-Book”
  • Hype for Nothing – since you know how important it is to grab people’s attention, you’re probably guilty about one thing: trying to make promises that you couldn’t fulfill. If you have Call-to-Actions that only exist to trick Filipino netizens, then you need to remove such deceit-filled links and replace them with accurate ones. Failing to do so would only lead to negative brand recognition.
  • One is Sufficient – there’s another inbound-marketing “sin” that many fail to understand. This offense though, stems from too much enthusiasm. Simply put, you should keep in mind that a single CTA is more than enough to trigger an increase in clickthroughs. If your blog’s pages are filled with all kinds of buttons however, then rest assured that people would end up annoyed and they’d just leave.
  • Better Diversify – as you already know by now, there are many cases where uncomplicated actions bring significant improvements. If you already have a lot of CTAs that have been quite effective so far, you merely need to create slightly different duplicates. Changing button colors and using synonyms are among the easiest and most useful duplicate-creation tweaks.
  • Contrast Needed – speaking of colors, it should be among your best interests to use contrast in your CTAs. If your blog’s pages are mainly white for example, you need to steer clear of Call-to-Action buttons that have very light colors. Instead, you must pick much livelier ones – such as warm yellow and pink – so that the buttons wouldn’t blend with their backgrounds and “disappear”.
  • Urgency is a Must – every internet-marketing aficionado would most certainly agree that all effective CTAs have one thing in common: a sense of urgency. While
    The old-school scarcity strategies still packs a punch. =)

    The old-school scarcity strategies still packs a punch. =)

    pressuring your would-be clients to click on a button might not seem nice, you could do it without making them feel anxious. This means that aside from using the word “now” in most of your Call-to-Actions, you need prove that clicking is risk-free.

  • The Human Touch – since you’re aware that consumers seek humanized companies, then it should be among your goals to take advantage of the human-touch phenomenon. Doing so is undeniably effortless, as you’d only have to make your CTAs much more welcoming and indicate that your business is a group of people and not a faceless entity. “Be Part of Us” is among the best “human” CTAs.
  • Facts & Statistics – while some Filipinos prefer emotional appeal, there are those who are truly logic-driven. This means that it might also be advantageous to alter some of your Call-to-Actions for the purpose of adding convincing facts and figures. Placing the number of satisfied clients on top of the “Sign Up” button for example, might just be the smartest move.
  • Add Controversy – controversy creates cash. If you’d like to benefit from the latest events in your niche, then you’ll only face the need to add a few CTAs that reflect the hottest developments. For example, if you’re trying to manage a firm that’s related to showbiz matters, you’d probably benefit from a “Like Barretto Fights? Click Here” Call-to-Action.


Paul’s Last Words: On a Tweak-riffic Future

Tweaking your CTA’s (which is really easy) to achieve your entrepreneurial goals faster is really worth your while, especially since doing so leads to better sales and more traffic. Simply put, if you wish to achieve terrific outcomes through Call-to-Action optimization as soon as possible, you should act now.

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