12 Mission Critical Strategies for Crafting the Perfect Landing Page


A landing page is like a handshake; if the client does not like the way your hand feels, then you’ve lost the job even before you utter a single word. The landing page is the initial impression that a visitor has about you.

landing page philippines 2Do you want to give them the impression that you’re a Gorilla in a business suit? Or do you want to communicate with your clients that you’re a smart Filipino professional and that they should deal with you?


A rewarding experience

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy if you optimize your landing page for maximum effect:

  1. Higher conversion rates. As we mentioned earlier, Philippine clients are more likely to deal with someone that they think is trustworthy. Does your landing page give them that impression? Or do you give the impression that you just don’t care? If so, why should visitors care about you or your business? Give them a reason to trust you, and you’ll enjoy see more of them become your loyal customers.
  2. Branding opportunities. The landing page represents a great opportunity for you to build your brand. What do you want your business brand to represent? You can use your landing page as a way of introducing this brand image to potential clients.
  3. Easy testing. You can easily tweak your landing page based on the results you get from small segments of user traffic. Try making small changes such as different colors and text, or bigger ones such as changing the text or the layout.
  4. Improved user experience. You can use your landing page as a way of introducing visitors to your business by telling them clearly what you’re about. This will help put visitors more at ease since they won’t feel so disoriented.
A juicy burger, and an opt-in form. The ultimate combination! =)

A juicy burger, and an opt-in form. The ultimate combination! =)

The 12 Strategies…

Now that you understand the importance of optimizing your landing page, here are twelve important strategies that you have to follow:

  1. Attractive layout. The layout of your landing page should be easy on visitors’ eyes, with a pleasant color scheme and easy-to-read text. Unless it’s appropriate (i.e. a landing page for a movie), avoid java animation since this can cause the page to load more slowly, which might irritate users who have slower Internet connections.
  2. Clear and striking headline. The headline at the top of the landing page is literally the first thing the visitor will see when they land on your page. You want it to be something compelling, with a clear message that makes them want to read on and explore the page further. And make sure that the headline is related to the content of your landing page.
  3. Use a striking image. After the headline, the visitor’s eye will land on the first image on the page. Make sure that the image sends the message that you want to communicate to your leads.
  4. Have a strong call to action. Once your reader has read everything you have to say on the landing page, you want to make sure that they’ll know what to do next. cta philippinesSo include not only a strong call to action but also a clear description of the action you want them to take next. For example, ‘Take Advantage of Our Special Offer Now’ or ‘Click on the Link to Find Out More’.
  5. Avoid having too many links. When you have a call to action, you want to include a single link that will take customers to the page where they will perform the action you want. Don’t confuse them by including links to other pages.
  6. No grammar errors or typos. Having a typo error on your page is the equivalent of being elegantly dressed to go to a formal party – and then discovering that your fly is open. It seems like a small thing, but you wouldn’t believe how people can react negatively to these seemingly minor mistakes.
  7. Make your buttons stand out. You can put your call to action on easily seen buttons on the site to make them more attractive and more likely that leads will click on them. But make sure that they are in an attractive color and can be prominently seen, even on the smaller mobile phone screen.
  8. Consider using a video on your landing site. Depending on the nature of your business, this may get better results than images, particularly if the video is the only thing you will have on the landing page.
  9. Keep it simple. Don’t include a lot of extraneous elements on your landing page that will only distract from the message that you want to deliver. In fact, some people have even succeeded with a landing page that had nothing on it but a headline, a call to action and a button.
  10. Encourage visitors to share the landing page. Include buttons for sharing on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. But make sure that you only include the most popular ones to avoid cluttering. If you’ve provided a good enough user experience, visitors will be more than happy to share.
  11. Ask only for the information that you need. Don’t make a sign-up form that takes too long to complete or asks for too much information, since it might turn off your leads and they may not finish it.
  12. Avoid using the word ‘Submit’. This might cause your leads to have second thoughts about clicking that button. Instead, stress the benefits they would enjoy by submitting their information, such as a free e-book or a subscription to an online newsletter.


Paul’s Last Words:

Keep in mind that your landing page will be your leads’ first encounter with you and you want it to be a positive one. If you lose them at this critical point, not only might they not ever deal with you again, but they could tell their friends to avoid you as well. So make sure you treat your landing page with the same level of care that you would any other aspect of your business. As I end, here’s an infographic from Indie Game Girl:



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