8 Simple Psychological Spells to Attract More Leads in the Philippines


wanna-see-this-magic-trickMagic is real. There are spells that works on Filipino customers (and turn them into frogs), which in turn means that you could make your marketing activities much easier.

Without a doubt, questions are beginning to fill your mind right now. Should you use Vine to showcase your skill in pulling a rabbit out of a hat? Would it be necessary to exhibit your people-cutting powers? Well, marketing magic is all about exploiting the mind’s tendencies and weaknesses – all those, you’d learn here. Continue reading and be amazed.


Don’t blink – Here are Instant Perks!

If you weren’t interested in magic when you were a kid, then it’s likely that you’re a fully-grown skeptic. That doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t be interested in these talks about tricks that get the right message across, especially since becoming a magician comes with all kinds of benefits. Here are three noteworthy perks that would surely make you wish that you aren’t a muggle:

  • New Heights in Interest – since you’ve been trying to carry out all kinds of inbound-marketing techniques, you’d know that keeping people interested in what you’re sharing is among the toughest things to do. Most of the time, netizens leave your site even before they begin to learn about what you have to offer. By relying on mind tricks though, you’d be able to grab people’s attention and keep it long enough to turn those visitors into paying customers.
  • Gain Better Understanding – as you’ve read a while ago, magic is all about understanding how the mind works. So, if you’d choose to become much more skilled in conveying messages using the right psychological tricks, you wouldn’t stay clueless about your customers’ actions. You’d be able to know why they didn’t avail of your unbelievable offer and you’d have the chance to comprehend their reasons for switching to another brand.
  • The Significant Sales Boost – so far, you’ve learned of two facts. Here’s the first one – spells have the power to keep netizens interested. The second one just points out that magician marketers have a much better understanding of customer actions. By combining those two, the third perk emerges – much better sales. Not only would you be able to attract more people who’d spend on whatever it is that you sell, you’d also be capable of conjuring loyal clients.


Abracadabra!! Eight Tricks You Can Try!

Now that you’ve discovered the benefits of magically sending the right message to your would-be customers, you’re probably thinking of an important question: are there spells that even complete beginners could learn? You’d be glad to know that there are. In fact, you’d learn eight simple psychological spells right here which works in the Philippine Market, which in turn means that learning magic is actually very convenient. Well, here are the spells:

  • The Give-to-Get Chant – if you’re trying to get people to pay for your services, then you should give them something even before they begin to show signs of interest in your products. It’s likely that you’re questioning the need to give a freebie, since doing so means that you’d lose money. Well, most – if not all – human beings are bound by reciprocity, making them feel the need to give something in return.
  • Value-Kazam – when novice entrepreneurs try to sell their goods, they usually end up believing that price and value are the same. Those two words have different meanings to customers. Price is all about what they’d lose, while value means what they’d get. So, instead of shifting the prices of your offerings, you should add value to them instead. Giving bonuses and promising support are a few good examples.
  • Emotion, Promotion – emotions are still part of psychology. After all, people still feel with their minds – their hearts are just there to pump blood. Knowing that, you should sometimes try to appeal to their emotions. Instead of showing specifications and giving facts, try to tell them how much happier they’d be by doing certain things. Of course, depending on your product, emphasizing despair could also work.
  • On Solution Acts – even though inbound marketing is a long, complicated process, it shouldn’t stray away from one obvious goal. Specifically, it should eventually provide a solution. In relation to that, here’s a spell that you could use on particular groups of netizens – make them follow an informational path that dissects their problem and makes it clear that you have one effective solution.
  • Confidence Fountain – aside from being an answer seeker, the mind also functions as a protector. That’s why websites that barely have any security seals are usually avoided by netizens. So, if you’d like to indirectly convince people that your site (and by extension, your company) is synonymous with trustworthiness, then you should prove to them that it’s more than secure.
  • A Liking Gimmick – if you’d like to grab the attention of consumers, then you really need to take advantage of likes. Simply put, by posting things that’d garner lots of likes, you’d be able to boost your coolness factor. Once people have realized that most of your posts are thumbs-up worthy, then they’d begin to assume one thing – your offerings are just as impressive as the information that you share.
  • The Category Card – you’re aware that churning out quality content is important, right? You shouldn’t assume though, that top-notch content is all you need to maximize your blog’s business-boosting powers. You should also think about the impact of categories. Since the mind stores details by categorizing them, making your posts memorable is as easy as placing them in topic groups.
  • A Scarcity Illusion – emphasizing scarcity is a mind trick that you’ve probably seen over and over again. Well, pointing out that you’ve got limited stocks or you’re offering mailing-list memberships on a limited-time basis would most likely benefit your marketing endeavors. It should be said nonetheless, that you have to keep things believable. For example, how could an eBook be in limited quantities?


Paul’s Last Words: Shower Filipinos with Inbound Spells

At this point, you’re already a true marketing magician. You’d have to keep in mind though, that you shouldn’t get too excited in using these spells. Some marketers are blinded by their newly gained skills and thus they’ve done all those tricks simultaneously.

It’s safe to say that their excessive enthusiasm merely caused confusion. All in all, even though these mind tricks work, you should still exercise caution and moderation – mixing up a few of them should be enough.


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