Beginner’s Guide in Philippines Inbound Marketing for B2B


inbound-rulz-memeIs too much competition in the Philippines making it hard for you to compete with the big fishes? Competition is fierce, no matter what kind of industry you happen to be operating in – There will always be sabre-toothed tigers waiting for you to drop your ice cream.

And yes, our company have already experienced that with our international competitors. But it’s a good thing we have a Plan B <insert evil laugh>.

One of the best ways to assure you remain in the top of the pyramid is with the help of inbound marketing. Studies show that although many strategies came and went, it is inbound marketing that remains strong and provides the best leverage for many Philippine B2B companies.


What is B2B Inbound Marketing?

In a nutshell, inbound marketing is all about making your target client find you. There have already been studies showing that inbound marketing can help income increase by as much as 42%. It’s not as easy at might seem though. Companies investing in inbound marketing have to be master on several disciplines including SEO, social media, content creation and lead generation.


Benefits of Proper Presentation to Businesses

The connection between proper inbound marketing presentation and success in the industry hardly requires a leap in logic. Much like with job hunters wearing their best suit during an interview, proper presentation can give target clients a sense of the applicant’s suitability for the job.

Statistics back this up with numbers stating the verifiable success of proper business presentation. Depending on the channel you use, inbound marketing channels like blogs can actually increase website traffic by 55% while 70% of searches are thanks to SEO. Another plus for B2B inbound marketing is the fact that the process is cheaper all around. In fact, businesses can save 62% of their funds if they choose inbound over outbound.

With proper presentation, you can be sure that most website traffic is instant prospects. Inbound marketing presentation is designed in such a way that only those who are truly interested will arrive at your website. With already willing clients arriving at your doorstep, leading them from interest to a closed deal is not a problem. Compare this with outbound marketing (cold calls) where clients are mostly reluctant and inbound wins without a doubt.

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8 Tidbits on How to Succeed with B2B Inbound Marketing

Business to business marketing is not really that different compared with business to customer marketing. Here are some very simple but radically effective strategies on how you can make inbound marketing work for you:


-> Give your business a Personality! =)business smiley

Business to consumer companies often creates a profile of their target client in order to better provide for them. This is actually something that B2B companies can also work out in their system by simply looking at target businesses as another “person”. If the target company was a person, what kind would they be? List down if they’re aggressive, what functions they perform on a daily basis and what kind of problems might they encounter during the performance of these functions. By knowing what they need, you will be able to position yourself to give them what they want – a simple yet very useful groundwork.


-> Start with a Few Channels

Although using all possible media is a good idea, it shouldn’t be done immediately. For B2B inbound marketing, it’s best to start small, confining your strategies through just two or three outputs. A good place to start would be blogs, SEO and social media – specifically Facebook. By confining your activity within these three channels, it would be easier for businesses to build their brand’s voice into the quality they wish. Since studies show that these channels are preferred by many markets, yielding good results should not be a problem.


-> Content is Still the King of the Ring

Video and images websites might be gaining popularity for Filipinos – but content is still king. For this reason, you need to start collecting excellent long tail keyword to help with the campaign. Imagine a traditional Philippine business seeking suppliers for a project and using the internet for it. Your goal is to make sure that when they do the search, YOUR keyword is included among the top list. Studies have shown that the first three pages are the best position when it comes to organic searches.


-> Nurture your Leadslead nurturing philippines

Note that making it easy for you to be found is just the first step for inbound marketing.  The whole point of staying visible is to drive traffic to your main website which will then further funnel the visitors. This inbound activity will be turned to inbound prospects which can be further screened until you eventually get sales. Some strategies to nurture your inbound prospects include emails, messages and even telephone calls.


-> Create Attainable Goals

The difference between a goal and a dream is a timeline – so make sure to create measurable ones. Creating an editorial calendar to help develop content is also crucial. Note that proper timing should be considered here with the best opportunities happening during product launches, seminars and conferences in the industry. Make sure to have regular updates on content to create reliance and continuity.


-> Measure your Factors

No matter what channel you opt to use (Facebook, Twitter, SEO), always try to measure your efforts. By being able to compare business changes from one period to another, you are in the position to move the company forward. Fortunately, you don’t need a degree in engineering to get this done. With so many applications available today, there’s no difficulty measuring inbound marketing activity.


-> Develop a Stunning Brand Voicebrand voice philippines

Many companies seem to confuse brand voice versus brand volume. Brand voice is all about being a reliable source of information.  When it comes to B2B, your service/product has to have a good reputation coming from past clients and company itself. This is where presentation comes in. Displaying your mission, vision, goals and clearly defining future plans is a good way to earn accolade in the industry.


-> Constantly Innovate Kabayan!

Times are changing and you need to be in it to win! Always stay updated on the trends about inbound marketing and adjust your specifications accordingly.  There are lots of avenues to look but if you really want to be the first, always make sure to check Google and Yahoo updates about their search result ranking computations. Some changes in Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites have been done so it’s a good idea to know those too.


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Paul’s Last Words:

Say good riddance to traditional outbound marketing and welcome inbound marketing with open arms. This is especially the case with Philippine businesses that are competing for the most profitable spots in the industry.

In order to catch their attention, you need to prove that you’re also the best in your own niche. Check out why Inbound Marketing is awesome in the Philippines in this post.


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