How to Morph Filipino ALIENS to FRIENDS, with Permission Marketing


permission marketing philippinesMost Filipino marketers today can be likened to a crazy person on the streets who would stop at nothing to get people’s attention. That includes shouting at the top of their lungs or even as far as going naked. But you do not have to act ridiculous to get to the attention of your target market.

You can turn from being an alien to the group to being one with them as friends. And such can be done with permission marketing as suggested by Seth Godin.

Permission Marketing basically teaches three things. Interruption creates nothing but annoyance. To be successful at marketing, you have to gain your prospect’s permission to make such an offer. And such consent can be achieved by sending personal and relevant messages.



Securing consent can seem to be a great ordeal. But your efforts are worth it when you start reaping the fruits of your labor. Below is a list of the biggest benefits of permission marketing.


1.) It is ethical.permission marketing manila

There may not be laws and rules regarding spamming in the Philippines yet. But just because spammers get away without facing legal action, the fact remains that their actions are unethical. When you send unsolicited emails or advertisements to people who did not ask for it, you cannot hope to get results. You are only driving them further away until they completely close out because of heightened irritation. The last thing you want is for customers to resent you.

2.) It sends a positive image to your brand.

Hate may not even be a strong word to express what people feel when they find their mailboxes filled with messages they did not ask for. On the other hand, if you practice permission marketing it shows how much you respect your customer’s privacy. And such respect begets respect from them too. Overall, permission marketing promotes a positive corporate image.

3.) It gets you right on target.

Practicing spamming is like shooting blanks. You tend to waste your ammo without hitting your target. But with permission marketing, you know these customers fall right into your target which means less wasted efforts.

4.) It saves you money.

When you target the right customers with your marketing efforts, you tend to save your energy and resources.

5.) You become more appreciated.

Customers appreciate your messages simply because they have signed up for it. In fact, they can even be looking forward to it. In other words, they receive your offers with open arms.

permission marketing cycle


Permission marketing does not rely on random messages sent at random places in every random moment. Rather, it is anticipated, personal and relevant.


1.) Permission marketing is anticipated.

This simply means people look forward to your messages and offers. They have a genuine interest to what you have to say.

2.) Permission marketing is personal.

The customer’s genuine interest on your offer comes from the recognized relevance of the message. They clearly identify with your message that they find no reason to resist hearing you out.

3.) Permission marketing is relevant.

You may have tapped into something personal, something they are truly interested in. That makes them want to say yes to you.

This is exactly how you can turn alien strangers to friends. Filipinos are generally nice. In fact, when you show up at their doorstep in the middle of a dinner, they’ll invite you in and ask you to join them. However, constant interruption will make them tune out and that will make you end up outside the circle. On the other hand, if they identify with you, they will welcome you as a friend.



Permission marketing can be likened to dating a woman. It is not as simple as asking to take her out on a date. There are certain rules that have to be followed and such involves asking permission from her parents too.


1.) Express your interest.attraction economy

When asking a young lady out in this country, it is important to ask permission from her parents first. Necessary introductions have to be made and the parents will size you up from head to toe. In this case, you have to present yourself well to your audience in a way that can make them agree with you. If the parents find you agreeable, you have just advanced a step closer to getting their permission.

 2.) Offer an incentive.

You do not come empty handed when you approach the parents. In fact, a suitor is expected to bring gifts not only for the young lady but more importantly to the strict parents too. Consider this as a necessary step to getting to your lady love.

 3.) Show what you have to offer.

Now, after a successful date, your intentions will be continuously put to test. This is when in the traditional sense of courtship, you subject yourself to slavery. That is you have to do chores such as fetching water, chopping wood, etc. At the same time, your efforts are regarded as an expression of your genuine intentions. In the same way, you have to show your customer why you are worth the permission. If you have successfully captured the prospect’s interest from the start, you must continue convincing them. That means you have to put your best foot forward, showcasing what you have to offer.

 4.) Emphasize on your genuine intentions and offer something more.

In the process of laboring for permission, a suitor is also expected to consistently pursue his lady love and her family for that matter. And if you are vying for a sweet yes, you must exceed their expectations. For that, you have to offer something more. Your continuous efforts at labor will soon be rewarded.

In the case of the prospect, you have to offer more incentives. This time, they have to be more valuable so it can get you another step closer to turning them from prospects to paying customers.

 5.) Get her to say yes.

If you have been consistent, stayed relevant and personal, you become irresistible. That’s when the entire family welcomes you in.


Paul’s Last Words: Permission marketing is a huge investment.

So you see, this is not a cheap effort, it comes with a price. In fact, AOL pays as much as $300 to acquire a single customer. American Express spends almost $150 to sign up a new cardholder. And Wall Street pays $15 just to get consent to make a call.

You may not need to spend as much to become relevant and personal or anticipated by your prospects. But such an investment is worth it. In the same way, courting a Filipina takes time, effort and money for the gifts but when your intentions have been validated, you are welcomed by the entire family. Treat them with respect and you’ll have lifetime customers!

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