Philippines Idiot’s Guide in Inbound Lead Generation


Imagine this: You’rlead generation memee bonding with your pillow after a hard day’s work, and suddenly your little gizmo starts ringing. You’ve answered the phone checking who this unknown caller might be… “Sir, may house tripping po kami sa Cavite bukas, gusto niyo sumama? 20% DP lang”. @_@

Standard outbound marketing strategies makes a little impact nowadays. You’ll be shedding blood and tears before you get your first lead in the Philippines.

Do you know what percent of your visitors are converted to sales? Yes? Or maybe you are fooling yourself for the longest time now by thinking that you are converting more than 5 % of your visitors into sales? You may be surprised that most online businesses gets only about 1% to 2% of their visitors which converted to sales. This is why you need to think of a way to improve your conversion rate to boost your business’ ROI. And one way to do this is by using inbound lead generation.


What is a Lead?

What is lead? This has nothing to do with the poisonous substance that cheap plastic toys have or the black pencil core. For your information, lead in this context means a person who shows interest in your products and services. Those people who visit your website or ask questions about your business are also called leads. And it is important to generate leads that you can later on convert to sales.

And to generate leads, you need to capture your visitors’ information such as their email address and name so that you can send them content that will lead them back to your website and purchase your products or services.

Inbound Lead Generation is a term used for attracting people naturally to your product/service by creating marketing concepts that they love.


Companies that Use Lead Generation Effectively


This website is for gemstone fanatics who want to find out anything about gemstones. For these people, gemstones are more than accessories for your jewelry. They also have

a healing power that improves their overall health and well-being. When you visit the website, you will be asked to take a “Gemstone Test”. The test will help you choose which gemstone suits you best. It also says that the test will help you understand yourself better. Gemstone fanatics probably know what this means.

Anyway, after you answer the test that has 11 questions, you will be asked to enter your email to get the result of the test. Clever, isn’t it? If your topic is cars, you can design a test like “What Car Suits You Best?” or “If You Are a Car, What Type of Car Are You?” or something like that.

Ektron Mobile

Another great website that effectively captures leads is Ektron Mobile. The website offers a free downloadable webinar once you register with your full name, email address, company name, job title, and phone number.


You can also offer an online tool that measures something if you are not into designing tests or developing webinars. Take Woorank for example. They offer an online tool that can help their visitors find out how their website is doing. All you need to do is to provide your website URL, your rival websites’ URLs, and your email address. A very simple technique yet effective in lead generation.

Woorank's free website analysis is a WINNER! Their customers are delighted. :)

Woorank’s free website analysis is a WINNER! Their customers are delighted. 🙂


Stages of Lead Generation [Hubspot]

So is lead generation easy? It sure is, as long as you are creative enough to come up with tests, webinars, online tools, and other freebies that you can give to your customers.

If you are paying close attention, you will realize that the three examples given above have one thing in common (aside from asking for their visitors’ email address). All three provide a benefit to their visitor in one form or another in exchange for their email address. So do not just create a landing page and force your visitors to enter their email address without them getting something in return. They will surely leave your page faster than you can say “lead generation”.

The stages of lead generation can be based on the person’s relationship to your website, very much the same way as developing a relationship with a girl you are interested in, assuming that you are a guy.

  1. Strangers. This is the first stage, where your potential customers have not heard of your business. You need to attract them by creating quality content that will lead them to your website. Just imagine attracting a girl by looking good and making intelligent conversation.
  2. Visitors. When they find an interesting content in your website, they will become visitors. After attracting the girl with your stylish outfit and witty comments, she will look forward to seeing you and having another conversation with you again.
  3. Leads. This is where you get to know more about your visitors by asking their full name and email address. This is also the time when you ask for the girl’s phone number so that you can call her and ask her for a date once you part ways.
  4. Customers. You can convert your leads to customers by continuously providing great content and benefits. You need to woe your leads for them to become customers, the same way you would keep on impressing the girl with gifts, witty conversation, and humor if you want her to become your girlfriend.
  5. Promoters. The whole process does not end with having sales. It would be even better if the customer is so delighted with your products and services that they are excited to share what you offer to their friends and family. Of course, your girlfriend will not share you with other girls but instead will introduce you to her family and friends.

hubspot lead generation stage

Good Strategies for Lead Generation

  • Always provide a benefit to your visitors before asking them for their information. People would be more willing to provide their email address if they know that they will be getting something in return.
  • The secret here is to not sell them anything right away. Instead, you should be the one to give them something at first, like a freebie or a useful content, before going in for the kill, so to speak.
  • Have regular communication with your leads. Do not waste your leads by not sending them anything. Be sure to send them regular emails about your business and products. This will help you develop a relationship and trust with your lead.
  • Do not disappoint your leads with cheap and useless products. Do not create all this hype about your product and make your leads too excited only to find out later that your products are not worth it.


Paul’s Last Words:

These are just basics of Inbound Lead Generation. Find ways of how to nurture your customers, keep them updated, offer freebies, personalize your messages, etc. And I’m sure you’ll properly master the stages of Lead Generation. Let your Leads generate themselves! =)


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