What is Real Time Marketing?


REAL TIME MARKETING MEMEReal Time Marketing is the utilization of recent events in order to create marketing relevance for that occasion. This is made possible by fast and constant movement of the online swarm as well as the increase in mobile device screen variation and size i.e. smart phone, phablet, tablet, etc.  The secret is to present your audience timely and relevant marketing communications from your company related to that event. It’s all about “Trendjacking”.

While my wacky team is always busy with their grumpy clients and analytics, I think of ways how to stretch our real time marketing strategies… such as doing a marketing campaign related to the recent SONA of President Noynoy Aquino. But for now I’ll be giving examples of other big brands.

A classic example would be Oreo and their “you can still dunk in the dark” Tweet. Simply put, there was widespread blackout and some ad genius decided to Tweet, Facebook, and Instagram an ad. As you can see below, the same was ReTweeted 16,309 times and garnered 6,223 Favorites.

  oreo real time marketing


Another Example: The Last Laugh

A smart aleck tweeted that he saw a bird poop on a Smart car and the latter got totaled. For those who do not know what a smart car, it’s a teeny weenie car that is about half the size of a Toyota Vios.

Instead of being offended, Smart car decided to take things a step further. They actually computed how many birds and how heavy a poop, is needed to total a Smart car. The answer is around 4.5 million pigeon poop OR 360,000 turkey craps OR 45,000 Emu craps. Seriously! They even had an info graphic. The result was 500 new Tweeter followers and more than 500 Favorites.

real time marketing 1



Real time Marketing Stats

More often than not, a marketing team has less than an hour, a couple at most to think up, execute and send flying a real time marketing campaign. It works because people want to feel like they are in the know. They want the bragging rights, and they want the attention. Below are a few more ads and their stats:

  • Pizza Hut and Foursquare: Their 2012 Super Bowl team up resulted in 303,445 responses.
  • Pretzel Crisps’ “Social Sampling”: Pretzel monitors Tweets by consumers who are “in need of a snack”. They then send free samples. Follow up samples are usually given provided they get feedback from Around 3,600 samples were given out. Pretzel increased sales by 87% from the previous year.
  • @ChicagoCabbie: Who says real time marketing only benefits big brands. Rashid Temuri allows individuals to follow him on Twitter. That way they know where he is, every time. He gets more than 90% of repeat customers using this method. In case you are wondering, NO, he does not tweet and drive.


Real Time Marketing for Philippine SME’s

It’s good to know that big brands use real time marketing. But like the immediately preceding example, even a small time cabbie can take advantage of the same. The benefits and tips discussed below will center on small business enterprises (SME) in the Philippines.


Systematic and Multi-Channel

RTM’s are best suited for mobile devices and social media. The latter is relatively cheap and provides immediate access to a consumer. The former has a higher chance of providing instant access and allowing instant response. This is because; the average consumer who gets a Tweet, Instagram, Poke, etc., reads the same and responds to it as soon as they get the alert.

Tip: To increase your chances of trending, you need to send out your RTM media to as many social media platforms as possible. The same must also be compatible with most devices, different operating systems, different screen size, etc.



RTM’s must be sent with caution. The last thing you want is to sound insensitive and/or inappropriate. One of the biggest RTM fails is Calvin Klein associating his Spring collection with the Arab springs protest. This met with lots negative response. For one, the only commonality is the word “spring”. What is worst, is that he is selling luxury apparel while the people were fighting for their basic human dignities. Simply put, seizing the moment is not the same as exploiting others.


Targeted Response

Simply put, RTM exploits a consumer’s impulse. When he/she sees your ad, you want the same to act immediately. And, more importantly, the action must be positive! As a general rule you want your target audience to:

  • Feel positive
  • Become interested (in your brand)
  • Seriously consider (your offer)
  • Purchase
  • Recommend


Enhance Previous Efforts

Assuming you are a Philippine SME, then you have very limited time and budget for advertising. What you want is to use conventional advertising/media to get your brand out there. And then utilize RTM in order to boost the same.

Tip: Establish a website that is formatted based on your target audience i.e. professional, fun, hip, etc.  Make sure your content is impeccable and have the proper licenses. Identify your product and service early on and describe the same. This way, when your RTM efforts does pay off, and you get people interested; you do not drop the ball and let your site visitor bounce. Avoid overselling your product and/or service. The goal of a landing page is to provide relevant information. The goal of the RTM is to generate hype. Not the other way around

real time marketing stats


Paul’s Last Words:

The nature of Real Time Marketing is it requires to be conceptualized and executed in a shorter period of time than conventional ads. This does not mean there is no science to the same. On the contrary you need to be better grounded on the science of it because you have lesser time to conceptualize, sensitize, and edit your idea.


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