10 Email Marketing Boo-Boos You Shouldn’t Make

Do you know why many have such a hard time selling themselves through email marketing? Read on to find out more of the no-nos.

Email marketing is gaining popularity in the Philippines because it’s an easy, fast and economical way of reaching out to a number of customers in a short amount of time. Email marketing usually consists of newsletters, emails lists and referral systems in which people can subscribe to, with the online marketer sending out his or her deals in email form on a set schedule.

Though this method is effective, I highly recommend you to keep track of your actions in email marketing, because one wrong move could potentially sever your connection with not just one subscriber—but with your entire mailing list. Here are 10 of the worst offenders you should avoid when it comes to emailing your clients.


  1. Generalizing Customers

I know that it takes extra effort to sort out the males and females in your mailing list, but make it a point that you do. Don’t generalize your subscribers, because some people (men, especially) won’t like it very much if you keep referring to them as “Ms.” or “Mrs.” You’ll get a mass unsubscribe from your list that way.

  1. Overdoing it With the Graphics

It’s true that snazzy graphics and images will be able to pull in more looks, but take into consideration that some of those people might prefer less images or text-only emails at that. There might be subscribers that are browsing your mails through their phone, and until our country can correctly compute their data speeds, extra images are going to eat up a whole lot of airtime.

  1. Ignoring Unsubscribers

Maintaining good relationship with your followers is nice, but being in good terms with your unsubscribers is even better. Those who opt out of your list can provide you with information that 10 or 100 of your subscribers can’t provide. Politely ask them why they chose to leave, and you will get feedback that can improve your marketing campaign.

  1. Making Subscribing a Hassle

This is something that I personally hate. Even if I was really into something and would not mind receiving daily emails from it, I would simply forego subscribing if the process demanded too much from me. Asking for my mailing address twice? Confirming my email address AND password twice as well? Take note that your subscribers are giving you what little time they could spare, so don’t waste it.

  1. Spitting Emails Like Bullets

Okay, this is something that should be obvious, but is still prevalent in many email lists. Don’t overdo it with the sending. Many people are already irked with daily emails as it is, but that is tolerable when compared to being buzzed by a new email newsletter every two hours or so. Spare your subscribers, please?

  1. Not Giving Subscribers a Break

Let me put it this way. It’s Christmas, and your phone rings. You receive the call, and are greeted by a chirpy female voice asking you if you already have a credit card and would like to avail of another one. Would you be happy to oblige?

  1. Sending Email Advertisements to a Mailing List

This one, I should explain. Mailing lists are great and can slice the time needed by the online marketer by half or more. But mailing lists are only useful if every single one of those addresses within the list are active subscribers. If you bought a set mailing list, you will be sending unsolicited email advertisements to some people who might not appreciate being spammed by companies they do not know.

  1. Not Giving Subscribers a Lot of Options

This is something more of an honest mistake. It happens quite naturally since you really only have two options—either you’re in or you’re out, hopefully in. But what you can do is trick (sort of) your subscribers into thinking that they have more elbow room than with your grab-by-the-neck approach. Have other options like, “receive bulk emails once or twice a week instead of everyday”, “take a break from emails for 2 weeks”, or so. That way, your followers will feel that they get not just features, but benefits. If you don’t give them enough room, well, their only other option is to leave.

  1. Leaving Out the Unsubscribe Link

Talk about being sneaky. Are you deliberately imprisoning your subscribers? Just put the unsubscribe link somewhere. It doesn’t have to be prominent, mind you! Just accessible.

  1. Selling Emails to Other Companies

This has got to be THE worst mistake you can do as an online marketer. Absolutely DO NOT do this, because if you push your unsubscriber to his or her limits, you might have not just destroyed your chances of getting him or her to subscribe back to you, but to the entire email marketing campaigns out there as well. Don’t sell out information just for petty cash, please.

There you have it! The 10 boo-boos you can, and should avoid if you ever think about entering email marketing.


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