10 Ways to Optimize Your Multiply Philippines Store

Do you still have a multiply website for your Philippine business? Here are some classic online marketing strategies for you to optimize your store.

A little bit of history

From its beginnings as a social media site, Multiply has grown to become the country’s premiere online shopping site with close to 100,000 stores. As an indicator of how popular the Multiply Marketplace is in the country, according to a 2010 Entrepreneur magazine article, of Multiply’s 16 million user accounts worldwide, five million are located in the Philippines. The Multiply Marketplace has become well-known, not just for the variety of products it offers, but also for the many unique products that can be found there, such as the Manila Sole Shoes, which are produced from recycled tires and the all-organic Anti-Mosquito Rescue Stick.



Baby mittens for sale!!

10 ways to optimize your Multiply store <Battlemode: On!>

The main difficulty of listing your products in the Multiply Marketplace is finding a way to drive traffic to your site amid the steep competition. Fortunately, there are ways that you can optimize your site to help buyers find you amid the tens of thousands of shops on the Marketplace. Here are the top 10 ways that you can optimize your Multiply page so can you can get more traffic and hopefully, generate more sales.


1. Place keywords in your store and listing description. Descriptions are not only a way of telling customers what you have to offer, but also of making your store search-engine friendly. Create a list of keywords that you would like to focus on and then use some of them in the store description. The most important keyword should be mentioned in the beginning and end of the description. For example, if you are in the pest control niche, you can use keywords like pest control philippines or pest extermination manila. Make sure that the keywords are the ones that your target audience would actually use to search for your products. The listing description is also prime real estate where you can place keywords. For your keywords, you might want to use the most frequently used term for the item, as well as an alternate term if there is room. In the example above, you can use anti-mosquito repellant as well as anti-mosquito stick for your keywords.

2. Add valuable business information in your Homepage and Profile. A Multiply shop that has vague information is good as a blank page. Apart from convincing your customers that

multiply product

A product page complete with detailed information and a “Trusted Seller” badge.

they should buy from you, your homepage must contain your basic business information such as ‘Who are you, Where are you located, Why should we trust you’, etc. It would be better if you can include your email address, phone number, social media url’s and office address. Add as much information that your target customer may be asking.

3. Set up a blog on your Multiply page. A blog provides you with a rich opportunity to optimize your Multiply site by providing useful content to your customers. Remember to use the appropriate keywords on your blog posts and to update your blog regularly so that you’ll be able to rank more highly in external search engine results pages. You can post blog entries on new products, tell customers how your products are made or even offer updates on the latest developments in your business. Make your posts engaging, fun and easy to read. Do this habitually and you’ll soon get likes and tweet referrals from the local community.

4. Photos. You can place attractive pictures on your shop that will display your products to great effect, as well as giving you the opportunity to place keywords in the alt tags. I only encourage you to only include high resolution photos – The more professional your photos are, the higher the chances you’ll be getting that sale. You also have the option to create a slideshow to display the photos more easily.

5. Generate external backlinks to your store. Backlinks are one of the ways a search engine bot determines that a page is relevant to a given search. If you have a home page, you can link to your store from your site. In addition, you can request back links from friends who also have sites related to your niche. You can also create a content marketing campaign to promote your Multiply store. Write useful content related to the niche of your store and submit it to article directories, with a back link embedded in the resource box. When your article is reprinted by another site, you’ve generated another backlink. But keep in mind that quality backlinks are more important than quantity so don’t get too many poor quality backlinks as this will pull your rankings down.

6. Submit your site to search engines so that they’ll be added to the index and be crawled by search engine bots. While many SEO experts say that it is not necessary to do this, it won’t cost you anything to submit and might even be beneficial to you. All you have to do is go to the Webmaster Tools page of the Google site and type in your URL in the required field.

7. Create the ideal listing title. The listing title provides the ideal opportunity for you to tell your customer a lot about the product. Make sure to always catch the attention of your target customer. Try to be as descriptive as possible to make your product stand out. For example, instead of making your listing title ‘All-Natural Anti-Mosquito Spray’, make it something like ‘Baygon All-Natural Anti-Mosquito Spray Handy Pocket Size”.

8. Add videos to your page. This can be particularly effective for products such as electronics, since it can allow you to demonstrate how they work. But virtually any product would benefit from being given a video. Make sure that the video displays the product in the best light and photographs it from all angles. You can also submit your videos to video sharing sites so that you can get backlinks back to your site.

9. Create effective internal links among the different pages on your Multiply site. These internal links will not only make it easier for customers to find the page that they want, they will also help make your page more search engine friendly. For example, from your blog you should create a link to your products page.

abscbn multiply

ABS-CBN’s custom multiply shop.

10. Customize a template for your shop. Having a custom template for your shop is an extra touch. Make it simple but intuitive. A user-friendly design will bring your page into greater heights!


A word of advice

Optimizing a multiply page is almost the same as website optimization. Though I encourage you to have a website, a multiply page would suffice if you’re still a newbie or just starting up your own business. Do your research, always check for new stuff on how to promote your Multiply shop and someday you’ll get there! =)


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