7 Nifty Ways to Get Personal in Email Marketing

Emails are considered the fundamental communication medium of most online users, especially Filipinos.

This is where most personal correspondence occurs, which is why online entrepreneurs in the Philippines are willing to spend thousands to obtain active email addresses from their target market. This way, they can promote their products directly to consumers and increase their chances of obtaining profit.

Even with email addresses to send to however, simply pitching a sale is not always enough. Many internet marketers will tell you that the way you approach a prospect also matters. It might not seem like it, but the word and how you position yourself as a seller makes a ton of difference on closing a deal or not. Possibly one of the most reliable techniques when it comes to situations like these is the “personal” approach. This gives marketers an added edge, increasing their appeal for the prospects and therefore boosting the chance of a positive response.

Of course, this might sound easier than it is done. When creating a personal approach, marketers can try to be as creative as possible. Currently however, several techniques seem to work best for personal marketing approaches. That being said, following are some of those:


Awesome Tip # 1: Use an Email Address they can Reply To

The email marketing process infographic.

The email marketing process infographic.

The whole point of getting personal with emails is that you can engage the client in a profitable conversation. Using an automated system that doesn’t recognize replies therefore is definitely a bad decision. Instead, use a believable name such as ChandlerJames@CompanyName [dot] Com. This will make it more believable, tempting recipients to create a reply.

Prior to replying however, they will need to open the email first and this is where names come in handy. It increases the curiosity of the recipient while at the same time lowering the belief that the message is spam. Hence, there’s more than 50% of a chance that the message will be opened and subsequently read. Make sure that the sender name is customized, utilizing the name of the top person in the marketing department. According to research, emails sent by a real person are more likely to be received positively than just using the name of the company.


Awesome Tip # 2: Use Names and Cities

You might have read “Hello [YourName]” in the subject line of most emails. Turns out this is a marketing technique that increases the open-ratio of emails. Obviously, the curiosity of recipients is more aroused if it seems as though the message is sent directly to them. The same approach works for city names as opposed to country or even state names. By placing those two variables in the subject line, recipients tend to be more responsive. Note however that this approach doesn’t always work. Businesses that bank on keeping their clients anonymous should stick to formal titles.


Awesome Tip # 3: Section your Mails

One of the biggest mistakes online business owners make is to send an email blast to every single person in their subscribers list. Keep in mind that although all of them have opted to be part of the list, not everyone transacted business for the same thing. There are those who might be in the first level of the subscription while others are already full-fledged members. The list should therefore be segmented depending on their position in the sales chain and an email message constructed specifically for that group. This way, you can be sure that the recipients are reading something interesting.


A simple visual approach in email marketing.

A simple visual approach in email marketing.

Awesome Tip # 4: Gather Information

Prior to creating personal emails, it’s important to first find out exactly who will be receiving the message and what kind of personality do they have? One good way of doing this is by asking questions on the landing page so that you will have data for assessment purposes. You can also create their personas by being specific with your target market. For example, what kind of jobs do they usually occupy, what kind of salary do they get and what are some of the most compelling reasons for them to pursue a transaction? Note that these are not to be asked directly but rather theoretical questions asked and answered by the marketer as a way to virtually create the ideal target market.


Awesome Tip # 5: Use the Time Technique

Offering a “limited” offer to prospects and claiming that they’re just one of the few to be offered the perk is always a good technique. Some Filipino marketers throw in a personal reason for this as a way to further compel the individual into furthering the transaction. Aside from a limited time offer, internet marketers can also try building the anticipation for their product. This can be done by predicting exactly when the next email will appear so that the individual will be eagerly waiting for it.


Awesome Tip # 6: Closing Off

Make sure that the closing remarks contain a personalized call to action. Again, it’s important to use the real names in here instead of the company name. Much like the subject line, the closing off should be personal without getting too friendly. Some marketers also try to create a sense of casual professionalism by placing their company title below the name.


Awesome Tip # 7: Do not Over-Personalize!

Acting too personal can actually cause more trouble for you rather than solve them. Your recipients aren’t dumb – they can recognize an over-pitch when they see it. Hence, it is best to choose only several techniques to talk to your clients, but not use them all at once. This way, you will still have several tricks up your sleeve when things become too non-responsive.

Keep in mind that email marketing is an investment that requires time, patience and creativity. It is greatly recommended that website owners take the time to study their techniques and analyze the feedback to find out if their tactics works. Depending on how the target market received your efforts, you can try adjusting the methods and then releasing the refined adjustments again. Through this process, you will have a chance to create something that your target market will truly appreciate.

Build relationship – Value your subscribers! =)


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