Advantages and Disadvantages of SEO Automation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method by which web administrators try to rank higher via natural or unpaid search engine results. There is a lot of hype and controversy surrounding this subject matter.

The goal of this article is to differentiate and enumerate the advantages and disadvantages of automated SEO vs. manual SEO.

The goal of this article is to differentiate and enumerate the advantages and disadvantages of automated SEO vs. manual SEO.

The fact still remains that a properly optimized website ranks significantly higher and therefore gets more traffic (and so on and so forth). The goal of this article is to differentiate and enumerate the advantages and disadvantages of automated SEO vs. manual SEO. By the end of this post, I will provide my own analysis on the merits of both.


A Basic Understanding of SEO

Without going into the details, a web administrator optimizes a site by taking into consideration the following:

  1. How search engines rank a website.
  2. Actual search words that is frequently used by netizens in relation to a particular search.
  3. Gray areas and loopholes within a search engine that allows a website to rank higher, regardless of actual traffic.
  4. Editing the actual website content and tags in order to conform to the most frequently used search words.
  5. Promotional tactics to increase overall website traffic.


Traditional/Manual SEO

Simply put, the website owner allows the administrator to take charge and one by one make sure that everything is in order; that the website conforms to the most recent search words; back links are working, etc. This can be time consuming, especially if the website is a complex one. In fact, some websites require a team to manage SEO.


Automated SEO

This usually means a software is installed that regularly and automatically checks if the website is properly optimized.  Of course, most software works round the clock on a schedule. In some cases, automation can be partial in that the process is started manually but the checks are done by the software.


PROS of Automated SEO

  • Hastens the completion of tedious tasked (i.e. manually checking for broken links).
  • Fully automated systems check round the clock at specific time intervals. The alternative would be to employ at least three individuals working in different shifts.
  • Comparative SEO searches allow you to keep an eye on competition
  • Tedious reports are also automated and sent to you at specific time intervals.



CONS of Automated SEO

  • Content cannot be generated and/or modified automatically. This means a software can only recommend a change in the content, not actually perform the same.
  • You still need an independent team or person to look at the quality of the website.
  • There have been known instances of automated software crashing the website or slowing down the same. This is especially true during automatic checks.



My Analysis

Based on my experience it is better to utilize both automated and manual SEO in consonance with each other. The tedious and procedural aspects of SEO can be left to a software. The substantive and discretionary aspect is given to a live person. This way actual man-hours required to check the same is minimized. Not to mention the fact that now you have a two-tiered SEO protocol.


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