Advantages of the Old School Article Submission

Here are some remaining advantages of the old school article submission, which may still help in your online marketing strategies depending on how you use it.

Old school article submission means the tried and tested keyword stuffing method. Of course, the word “stuffing” must not be construed as overly mentioning the same, which can do more harm than good. Rather this must be construed as a handful of relevant keywords mentioned more or less at 1% keyword density. More importantly, these keywords must be artfully tucked into the article so that it does not interfere with the general flow and readability of the same.

The next step is to submit the same article to different directories and then link the main website to the keywords used. This way you make sure that your articles are read. Then your website is linked and appropriately ranked.


Article Directories! Weeeeee 😀

  1. Article Directories are still considered as Authorities

These websites publish articles on different subject matters (i.e. ezine, ehow, livestrong,, etc.). Written articles for SEO are submitted to these directories. The most popular article directories are considered by readers as expert opinion, penned by authority figures. Therefore, when it mentions a brand or a servicer the article directory will lend its legitimacy to the self same products or services mentioned.


  1. You are Allowed to Embed Links

In most cases, the subject matter or object of an article submission is referenced at the end of the article via reference or citations. These are usually in link form that can then lead to the main website. As a result, website traffic is increased and Meta keywords are ranked higher.


  1. Visibility in Social Media

Some article submissions are posted directly on social media websites or blog sites that make up a significant portion of the advertising and marketing campaign of online providers. These are then ranked via social signals (favorites, likes, shares, views, etc.). The more positive social signals the higher your website is ranked.


  1. Cheaper Alternative

This marketing strategy is comparatively cheaper than more conventional ways of advertising plus marketing. This is especially helpful for providers who are just starting out and have very limited budget to work with. Not to mention the fact that the best authority on the product are the providers themselves who would like nothing more than to talk about their offerings.


  1. It is Proven as Effective

The bottom line with every advertising move is effectiveness and efficiency in getting the message across to your target market. In this regard, article submission is without peer. Provided that it is done properly in order to avoid the negative connotation that comes with poorly made submissions.


  1. Creates Relevance

Well written articles about your product or service, along with accompanying editorials that are related to the same, generate goodwill. The immediate result is increased traffic. But the long-term goal is to create a following of netizens who will regularly visit your website.


A Caveat

Every article submitted must be useful, coached in a clear and concise manner and free from grammatical or spelling errors. This is because a poorly written article submission will do more harm than good. Another point to consider is to minimize hard sell as well as spinning tactics to avoid negative social signals.


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