An Case Review: Success through the Basics

I’ve considered as one of the most ideal blogs. After all, it boasts articles that truly shine in terms of content and appeal.

Aspiring entrepreneurs and budding bloggers alike should read on to learn lessons from the blog’s success.

Aspiring entrepreneurs and budding bloggers alike should read on to learn lessons from the blog’s success.

Aside from this, the website is also the very definition of a multifaceted information resource, as it features discussions about intriguing restaurants and emerging vacation hotspots. In order to better understand the success of, I deemed it necessary to evaluate its various aspects. Indeed, this case review is the outcome of my investigative pursuit. Simply put, aspiring entrepreneurs and budding bloggers alike should read on to learn lessons from the blog’s success.

Simple and Effective Marketing 

It would be safe to say that’s marketing strategies are similar to those of most websites. To explain, the blog’s search rank is significantly boosted by the power of social media. Specifically, not only does the blog have its official Facebook and Twitter pages, but it also features its own YouTube channel. It is undeniable though, that the man behind the blog, Anton Diaz, is truly enthusiastic about taking advantage of every social networking hub on the web. It is for this very reason that has its own Tumblr, Flickr, and Pinterest pages. Moreover, the website has been submitted to several blog directories.

Eagerness is the Path to Success

        I strongly believe that Anton Diaz’s sheer eagerness in promoting the website is among the main reasons why has become synonymous with success. I should probably emphasize though, that there is another reason why the website is currently at the peak of blog rankings: foresight. To explain, aside from having articles about the hottest culinary and vacation destinations, is also filled with content that seem to predict upcoming trends. For example, many netizens were able to read about tea and yogurt stores on the website even before such shops became a common sight in malls.

The Importance of a Simple Look

        As I’ve mentioned above, continues to dominate the food and tourism blogging niche due to the power of social media and the rank-enhancing potential of trend prediction. It should be pointed out nonetheless that the blog’s success could also be partly attributed to its visual appeal and usability. Specifically, unlike websites that aim to pique people’s interests by having a complicated menu system, is the epitome of functional simplicity. This does not mean that the website is boring to look at however, since each article comes with clear and colorful photos.

Some Lessons from a Popular Blog

Given the points that I’ve discussed, it would be appropriate to say that there are four lessons that every entrepreneur and blogger should learn from

  • Social media is powerful and should always be used to “boost” a blog
  • Enthusiasm is a key ingredient for success and thus losing it is not an option
  • Foresight is indeed among the most important skills that a blogger should have
  • Prioritizing both aesthetics and usability doesn’t entail attempts to overcomplicate

All in all,

’s creation is truly worthy of being considered among the most remarkable Filipino-run websites and is proof that the simplest of marketing strategies could still bring forth success.

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