Applying Different Client Personas in Your Online Campaigns

Personas are personalities you create in order to make your online campaigns far reaching and tailored your target customers.

Personas are personalities you create in order to make your online campaigns far reaching and tailored your target customers.

Personas are personalities you create in order to make your online campaigns far reaching and tailored your target customers.

Take note that this is not entirely faking a personality. It is about creating a persona that represents the ideals of your online campaigns. Now how might you apply these personas in your online campaigns? Learn below.

Determine your target market for each of your campaign. Not everyone can use a specific product or service you offer. In an attempt to arouse interest in your target market, you can start by compiling information about your market. Consider this information:

  • Who they are – include age, educational background, gender, location, and job title.
  • How they access your site – determine whether a specific market are accessing your website is accessing it through a mobile phone, a tablet, or a computer. Among those mediums, come up with a frequency distribution on how many are online through these devices.
  • Tasks – what is your target market’s activity on your site? Are they accessing your site in response to specific campaigns or are they just checking it out?
  • Motivation – what is their main prompt in visiting your website? Is it the promotions or the products itself?

After the data gathering step above, you are now ready to create a persona that your visitors can identify with. Create a profile based on needs assessment that people will find useful.

Use pathos to reach out. Using the personas you create, determine an online campaign that appeals to your market’s emotions. This type of appeal is called pathos and it targets your market’s emotional resistances in order to be moved by your campaign and respond to it positively. As mentioned above, you can create a campaign that highlights why your campaign is something that is needed in life. Here is an example:

  • Persona: Juan dela Cruz, 25, the Stressed Call Center Agent
  • Campaign: Full-Body Massage
  • Appeal to Pathos: getting a full-body massage offers the relaxation that every Juan dela Cruz in the Call Center industry needs

Launch the campaign. Equipped with your persona, you need to allot a space in your website where your persona’s profile can be displayed alongside your campaign.

Evaluate your persona. Remember that since personas are not the actual target market, you need to evaluate how effective it is in pulling in your desired target market. If it is effective in luring visitors but conversion rate is low, you might look at changing the details of your campaign or at creating a more specific persona relative to the kind of visitors you have.

Conduct a survey. This step can be done before and prior a persona is created. Surveys help you determine the specifics of your target market far more efficiently than when you derive it from raw data.

One tip you can consider from the above discussion is to use your personas in SEO. Sometimes, potential clients discover your offers through keyword search and by coming across the persona you have, the people’s sense of need for the product is amplified.

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