Buying Facebook Likes – Advantages and Disadvantages

Facebook still holds the record as one of the most visited social networking websites at present. I can no longer imagine life without Facebook since everyone seems to be connected through this social network. It is just amazing that worldwide, there are millions of Filipinos who are active users of this website.

It brings many advantages, especially in the context of business. Many international and local businesses have already done their part in using Facebook as a vehicle for promotion and marketing. I can confidently call Facebook as an advertiser’s haven since you can readily promote your company’s services and products through various platforms. It is also an opportunity to get in touch with your target audience and they are all a single click away.

Buying Facebook Likes – Is it a Valid Option?

If you will ask old timers in the social media marketing, buying Facebook Likes is a valid option. It creates the initial mass of snowball – an illusion of a bandwagon. In the long run, by principle, the real aim is to have the number of real ‘likers’ to outnumber the purchased ones.

This is applicable if your progress upon launching of a Like page is really slow. Your target audience might not even know that your Like page even exists. The best remedy in this case is to buy Likes. By doing so, your chance of boosting the number of Likes and the income of your company is likely to exist.

Advantages – Why You Should Do It

The following are just some of the advantages of buying Facebook Likes based on my own experience:

  1. It will create an instant buzz about your product. Imagine seeing your Like Page having the number of followers quadrupled within a period of 2 days! Of course, that will create instant buzz for your company. Many people will definitely jump into the bandwagon to check out what’s with the buzz. The challenge here is not to disappoint your acquired audience and sustain their interest.
  2. The high number of likes will help you in your efforts to establish a brand. With an increased number of likes, your page will definitely show up more often in more people’s feeds. In a virtual sense, people around the product will feel that many of their peers are talking about it. That’s the ideal environment for establishing a brand.
  3. Your products’ and services’ credibility will be boosted. A product and service will be more believable if many people back it up. With an increased number of likes, your products and services will have a newfound credibility.
  4. You will no longer need to wait for decades before getting the desired number of likes. It usually takes months before you achieve a certain number of likes. If you will buy those likes, you will eliminate that waiting time.

Disadvantages – Why You Should Think Twice

However, it is not purely advantageous to buy those likes. Many of my friends who resorted to such measures also pointed out some cons:

  1. No real interest on your products and services. If you bought your spectators and they are in no way interested with your company, chances are, they will simply come and go. After liking your page, they will simply forget about your products and services.
  2. You do not have a market there – just a paid audience. A paid audience will not be a good venue for advertising or promoting anything. It will be pointless to convince them.

It is up to you to weigh the pros and the cons. Listen to your company’s needs and respond to the call of the times. Purchase likes whenever you need to but always remember that you should not solely depend on it.

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