Calls-to-Action that ROCKS: Perfection Made Simple

I’ve always wanted to write about an important topic: the call-to-action (CTA).

Any clickable image or text that supposedly increases the chances of making a sale is considered a call-to-action.

Any clickable image or text that supposedly increases the chances of making a sale is considered a call-to-action.

While the term itself might not sound intriguing, CTA actually refers to links that are necessary in marketing. Indeed, any clickable image or text that supposedly increases the chances of making a sale is considered a call-to-action. Many CTAs are subpar though, which is why you should learn from these tips:

  • Away with Abbreviations – I don’t hesitate to tell my clients that using shortened words only leads to lackluster outcomes. To better explain what I mean, it would be best to give a simple example: if I were to encourage people to reTweet certain content, then I would never tell them to RT. The latter merely ends up confusing netizens, especially those who are just beginning to explore the various facets of the web.
  • Depend on Powerful Verbs – when I try to come up with a CTA, I barely rely on words that are best described as mundane, such as the ever so common “find”. Instead, I think of much more powerful terms that would surely grab people’s attention. In this case, it would be safe to say that the words “discover”, “explore”, and “investigate” would prove to be much better than merely telling netizens to “find”.
  • Keep it Short and Simple – while talking to my clients, I realized something very important: many online entrepreneurs are too enthusiastic about discussing their products and services in detail. They don’t know that sharing too much information, too frequently turns potential customers into missed opportunities. After all, lengthy messages are viewed by netizens as clutter.
  • Sufficient Size for the Eye – I’ve learned throughout the years that the human eye is quite selective. For example, if I were to look at a webpage full of texts and images, my eyes would immediately home in on the biggest element. What this means is that when coming up with a call-to-action, I make it bigger than the words and pictures that would surround it.
  • Avoid the Perils of Scrolling – scrolling should never be a must-do just to see a CTA. Given that most people do not have the patience to browse an entire website, advertisements that are placed on the uppermost part of pages fare better than their counterparts that are situated at the bottom. I admit though, that there are times in which I rely on sliding banners for maximum visibility.
  • Reduce the Number of Choices – I should also point out that while some internet marketers try to fit all sorts of options into a single call-to-action, doing so is actually among the best ways to discourage netizens from clicking. I always keep my CTAs as easy to use as possible for the simple reason that those who spend time surfing the web do not wish to be bothered by complex tasks.

So let me review what I’ve told you so far. Anyone who wishes to create a superb CTA should pay attention to proper word usage. Likewise, it would definitely be a must to consider the visual aspects of such a sales boosters. Of course, placing too many choices is a no-no as well. Overall, coming up with a top-notch call-to-action is quite easy.

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