Creating Effective Online Ads: a Beginner’s Guide to Targeting the Mind

Have you ever considered just how important online advertisements are? Well, without such attention grabbers, your internet marketing efforts would not bring forth anything profitable. Of course, you should also keep in mind that not all advertisements would be enough to pique people’s interests. As I’ve learned firsthand, following a few pointers would be necessary to come up with a superb web-based advertisement. If you’d like to discover these ad-creation must-dos, you should definitely continue reading on.

  • Never forget the “Click Here” Sign – While you might think that a “Click Here” sign is the very definition of being redundant, you should keep in mind that individuals are “hard-wired” to react to suggestions. If people end up seeing a banner that lacks a proper “call to action”, their mind would never be stimulated. On the other hand, an advertisement with a “click here” text would trigger a decision-making process, determining whether clicking on the banner would indeed be a smart move.
  • An Answer’s Selling Potential – Since we’re already discussing “mind matters”, it would definitely be a must to point out that providing an answer to a question also makes the brain active. This means that if you’re currently working on a set of banners, you should prepare a few that switches between a “hot” question and a brief answer. Of course, you should follow that up with a “call to action” as I’ve told you above. You would be surprised at the sheer effectiveness of such a three-step approach.
  • Think about Colors’ Complexities – I’ve seen some online entrepreneurs get too enthusiastic about colors. Indeed, they ended up creating online advertisements that would be best described as a “visual assault”. You should remember that making visually-appealing banners is often about making the right choices and keeping the assortment to a minimum. Specifically, the color that you pick for the ad should symbolize your offering. Likewise, two to three colors should be more than enough.
  • The Significance of Information – So far, we have only discussed banner-type ads. This does not mean though, that advertisements do not come in the shape of articles. To put it simply, if ever you’re planning to write up an article in order to “market” your products or services, you should never overlook the significance of proper detail. In particular, you should place sufficient emphasis on your offering’s most noteworthy features. Of course, using relevant keywords throughout the article would be a wise course of action as well.

At this point, you are already equipped with the right knowledge on how to create an effective online advertisement. However, you also realized something more important: marketing is a game of the mind. It is for this very reason that the right suggestions, answers, and colors are common to ads that have been clicked on countless times. Even in terms of articles that serve as advertisements, the mind remains a “prime target”. This is the reason why both information and related terms are the main ingredients of an attention-grabbing article. All in all, if you wish to realize your internet marketing goals, you should always rely on “brain-focused” advertisements.

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