Do You Constantly Update the F.A.Q. of Your Website?

Updates are the key to keep your website fresh and visited. Without your visitors being exposed to new content, they will think nothing new is happening thereby decreasing the frequency of their visits.

The FAQ section serves as your knowledge base. It answers the most common questions about the products and services that you offer.

The FAQ section serves as your knowledge base. It answers the most common questions about the products and services that you offer.

And as much as you wanted to keep your site updated with new information, you would also want to make sure that you do not ignore specific pages that are only accessed for specific purposes like the FAQ section. The FAQ section serves as your knowledge base. It answers the most common questions about the products and services that you offer. Why is it necessary to keep it up to date? Find out below.

Your policies change. While you go about your business, you are apt make changes. These changes, whether major or minor, needs to be reflected in your FAQ page. Notable policy changes include Refunds, Returns, and Exchanges. Discounts being offered so a specific market can also change. And while this situation requires an FAQ portion on its own, you can address recurring questions for longer-term promotions.

Your customers change. Your clients’ taste will change over time and the common questions associated with specific products can evolve too. With this change in their habits, changes in purchasing preferences can also manifest. If these preferences affect your product’s marketability and your business policies, it is time to step in and regulate it. You make that known in your FAQ page.

Your competitors change. Some customers run from one business to another because of better business policies, if not for better products. Some businesses choose to be lax in their business management thus permitting for a more consumer-oriented dealing. You might want to stick to how you approach your business but accommodate small changes at the same time.

The times change. There was a time when returns are not permitted but when the law stepped in, consumers felt more protected. The same thing may happen to your business. What was not applicable before may be applicable now and if you choose to embrace the change, you need to update your FAQ if some of the stipulations there will be affected.

The questions change. What your customers may be asking a few months back may not be the same thing they’ll be asking now. This is where the importance of categorizing the type of questions in your FAQ page comes in. So when a new type of common questions comes up, you can simply add it to the current set you have.

In summary, the keyword you should be aware of is change. At anytime trends in your business niche changes, if your business has undergone an overhaul of its policies, if customer interest shifts, and if the general atmosphere in the online business industry changes, you can take those as a signal to respond and make the changes too. Now, in consideration of all these changes, take note that some stay the same. The relationship you have with your customers should not be affected only because you have gone a bit stricter or a bit lenient in your policies.

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