Do you have an infographic in your website?

Infographics are creative designs meant to visualize data. They are effective and powerful way of putting a message or information across. Infographics is in reality old school. They have been known in the past as visual aids or graphical illustrations of complex ideas or knowledge meant to enhance instant recognition and recall. They have been used for ages. They have been given a new look with the use modern graphical illustrations and artsy symbols and called a new name infographics.

We may not be paying attention much but we see infographics almost everywhere from street and road signs to the interactive weather maps. In advertising, they have been known as creatives. For online marketing and other purposes, they have been dubbed as infographics.

Because of their power to impart message across with hardly any need for text, infographics has become a staple for web content. They have been used a lot as icons in social media pages because of their power to create instant recognition, recall, and immediate identification of an underlying message or task. As such, they have become regular features of web content.

The use of infographics as web content can potentially increase page views as they can immediately capture the minds and imaginations of viewers thereby keeping them engaged. They have been shared a hundred fold and continued to be shared in social media networks.

For digital marketing where branding is vital infographics has become a common site in e-Commerce websites. Their use has become so extensive and so popular that a website is deemed ineffective or out of step without them. They have become staple for web content simply because they are able to impart a sales pitch quickly and effectively with the message sticking to the viewers mind for a much longer time.

For an infographics to be effective when used as web content, it has to have a compelling story to tell. And, like any advertising copy, it must be able convey complex data into visually clear simple messages. People should be able to freely and easily share it with others.

Incorporated into a website as web content, infographics can breathe life into an otherwise drab home page. They instantly engage visitors to the site and make them crave for more content.

Some infographic creators have even brought it to a higher level making it come alive as an interactive application with the use of a new format called ‘Computable Graphics Format’. Akin to animated GIFs but not static, CGF powered infographics have transformed infographics into computation powered knowledge containers that are easy to author. They provide the readers with the ability to manipulate its content to generate results live.

This unique approach to creating infographics using the CGF technology, which turns ordinary documents into interactive applications, was first introduced by the Wolfram group and has since been the standard for infographics. The best benefit of CGF powered infographics is in engaging the readers and turning flat and lifeless presentations into interactive applications with the key to its real value summed up in a single word – engagement. Used as web content, these infographics will bring online marketing into a higher level.

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