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Considering how vast the internet is, it’s really tough to get a credible part of the niche. If you’re just catering to a small group of people though – specifically within one city – then the results should be easier. After all, your competition will be fewer, right?

Not really. The fact is that with such a small geographical market, your business might suddenly get lost in the sea that is the internet. That is of course, unless you know exactly what to do and how to do it properly.


Get Specific with the Keywords

If you’re catering to just one city – say Manila – then use this for your keyword. In fact, use your street name as a keyword because this will make you distinctive from anyone else. A good example will be “Manila Chao Long Restaurants”

Optimize your Website

This goes hand in hand with the use of the keywords to help your domain ranking. Use the local keywords as often as possible without going beyond what Google allows for you. For example, try placing the keywords in areas where the search engine can easily recognize such as the heading and the subtitles. Add your address and contact information as often as you can, preferably along the Header lines.

Register in Google Map

Place yourself in the Google Map to increase hits from Google. More importantly, this will make it easy for anyone interested to find you. This is incredibly important if you’re managing a store or a restaurant.

Get Listed in Local Directories

Being part of a local online listing for your area is another plus. Google actually recognizes this and allows you to rank higher overtime. Don’t forget to add descriptions and products so that it would be easier for searchers to decide if they want your service.

Set Up Social Media Pages

Starting a Facebook page for your business comes with numerous pluses for you. First off, this puts you firmly on the map in the event that people search through Google. Since Facebook is one of the highest-ranking domains today, there’s a good chance you’ll show up in the first page results. Of course, don’t forget the “adding friends” opportunity. By doing a local search on domains like Facebook, you can easily find the people who are within easy reach.

Get Local with the Links

Incoming links are highly valued in search engine marketing but if you want to target a specific area, then you need to target specific links. For example, try swapping URL’s with local businesses that are in the same niche as you BUT not a competitor. This will help you boost each other’s rankings.

Those aren’t the only things you could do though. Remember that geographical target marketing using the search engine is no different than general SEO. Basically, this means that you still have to do everything necessary to get ranked in terms of online presence and activity. For example, you’re going to need constant updates for your domain and usage of the keywords given above.

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