Google announces the SEA GCP Challenge

Google has just launched the Philippine leg of the South East Asia Google Certification Program Challenge for Adwords.

A challenge to all marketing professionals to prove their proficiency and knowledge on running Google Adword campaigns.

A challenge to all marketing professionals to prove their proficiency and knowledge on running Google Adword campaigns.

Running from January 21 until March 15, 2013, the program is basically a challenge to all marketing professionals to prove their proficiency and knowledge on running Google Adword campaigns. This is done by passing a series of exams that includes the Google Advertising Fundamentals exams, and any one of the 3 other advanced exams – Reporting & Analysis Advance Exam, Search Advertising Advance Exam, and Display Advertising Advance Exam.

The Google Certification Program in a Nutshell

Adwords is Google’s premier search marketing product and its main source of revenue. According to the latest statistics from Wordstream, Google ads and paid searches (Adwords) accounted for 64.6% of all clicks while organic searches (SEO) brought in 35.4% of the clicks. Adwords still brings in a major chunk of the online advertising bacon and online marketers cannot afford to ignore that.

However, there are people who mistakenly believe that because anyone can just open an Adword account and run a PPC campaign on Google even without Google certification, the GCP is trash. What they failed to realize is if a digital marketer is not familiar with the use of all the Google tools such as the Adwords editor, and are not adept with Google’s advertising basics such as how long a video advertisement on Adwords must be, he may just end up spending more time and pouring in more money into a paid search campaign that delivers less than satisfactory results. I have seen this happen over and over again and you probably must have encountered a lot of these yourselves in various internet marketing forums.

Running an Adwords campaign is not just about getting more people to click on your ads. It is about getting more value for your money. It is about achieving maximum returns out of a small budget. It is not as expensive as what people have been made to believe although it is more complicated than SEO. But this why the GCP is there – to have more marketing professionals be Adwords certified specialists so they can help clients harness the full potential of paid search.

The Benefits of Being Google Certified

Passing the Advertising Fundamentals Exam and any one of the Advanced exams will make you a certified Adwords professional and will be awarded with a Google branded certificate which will establish you as an Adwords authority and serve as your badge of authority and proof of your proficiency and expertise in managing complicated but highly profitable Adwords campaigns successfully. This certificate provides a link to the Google Adword site for clients who wish to verify its authenticity.

Why the GCP is Especially Important to Filipino Marketing Professionals

It is common knowledge that the Philippines only ranks second to India as overseas business process service provider and is struggling to maintain its position against upcoming paid search and SEO powerhouses like Malaysia and Singapore. Competing against these other overseas service providers for the juicier international contracts always boils down to the credentials that each player has to show. With a GCP certificate tucked under your belt, your chances of landing at the top of the clients’ evaluation sheets is practically guaranteed and the odds of you landing the deal will be stacked up in your favor.

Getting a GCP certification is no longer an option but is more of a necessity now. As much as I hate to admit it, marketing professionals today have no choice but dance to the music that Google plays. As per the latest statistics, it is still the search engine of choice cornering 86.3% of the traffic in the U.S. and 88.8% on the global scale. Any digital marketing professional cannot afford to shrug off Google Adwords because it will be like signing your own death warrant in the industry.

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