Harnessing Your Facebook Ads to Attract Filipinos

Facebook ads are utilized by enterprising individuals to conduct research, promote products or services, collect raw data, etc. The reason is simple, for a minimal capital investment, you are able to collect data and reach specific target demographics. You just need to get them to press like, comment, or forward the same to their own social network. In more than one way, you are actually making them do most of the work for you.


For Example

If you were to ask me if a Facebook ad is an effective and efficient way of attracting a target demographic my answer would be “it depends upon how you generated your ad”. Let me expound on this some more. For example, I want to use Facebook to attract Filipinos. This is how I would go about doing it.

Step 1

I would create a new account, preferably a landing page. This is a very important first step that campaigners often forget or choose to forget. Creating a landing page and building the same from scratch allows me to specify certain parameters that I choose to limit on my personal account. This is especially useful after the campaign is over and I hand over the landing page to the next campaign lead.

Step 2

I can start the ball rolling by adding myself as well as the team’s account. Of course this is after all accounts have been tweaked for the campaign.  Meaning, we have already expressed interest in the subject or object of the campaign via our own social networks. To be more specific tweaking means:

  • Micro targeting: We don’t just post the ad to everyone. We target our social network based on hobbies, interests, college education, etc.
  • Define the Product or Service:  That is the first thing we answer, and we do this in a very simple and concise manner.
  • Create a buzz: The ad is in Facebook, now what? Well you go out with friends within that specific demographic and talk about it. Make them want more information then remind them of your Facebook ad.

Step 3

I utilize the split test because I never put all my apples in one basket. Simply put I make different versions of the same campaign and then see what gets the most attention. I then put more effort in whatever ad works better.

Step 4

I give out freebies or I plan a party, or both. Remember, nothing gets better quality and quantity Filipino Facebook participation than freebies and a free party. This gives me an easy excuse to continually update my page and get a steady stream of likes, comments, forwards, and new join/friend requests.

Step 5

I continually update the page. This is because there are plenty of campaigners like me who will steal the thunder out of unsuspecting and non-updating old ads. When I say “old” I mean one that has not been updated for a day.

Step 6

I am not ashamed to admit it but I keep abreast of the latest and most trending Facebook ads. I then study how it was done and then take note for future reference. And if I can apply one, some, or all of the campaign ideas in my current campaign, the better.

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