Having a Wikipedia Entry About Your Brand

You’re right.  Most companies are now rushing to get their brands known through Wikipedia.  Why won’t they? It makes their brands rank significantly higher in search engines more than any other sources.


An entry in Wikipedia makes brands rank significantly higher in search engines more than any other sources.

So whether you own a small business or not, you have the means to get a page full of your brand. How? Here are some options.

  • Create a stub.  You sometimes see a red text when you put in a search in Wikipedia. A note accompanies the page saying that the article is a stub. A stub is an incomplete article that needs expansion.  The stub article contains only a few paragraphs and sometimes just a single paragraph.  If you plan to take this option, make sure that the stub information is still based on facts.  Note that Wikipedia’s Conflict of Interest policy does not allow someone to create an article if he is connected to the company in question.  The solution: have someone do it for you.
  • Submit a proposal. If you cannot find someone to make a stub article for you, you can turn in a proposal in two ways: using the Article for Creation section or posting in the Discussion Pages.  Remember to make the contents of your proposal factual and state your connection with your company.  The proposal can then be considered by the Wikipedia community, and if approved, you’ll soon see your brand information published on the website.

On the other hand, if you already have a website, you can check the Creative Commons section of Wikipedia to determine the licensing type that you need and get your brand known.

  • Have someone create an article. If you want to be totally “uninvolved” in the process of getting your brand information in Wikipedia, you can tap into the members of your social circle.  How? If you have been in business for some time and have established a fair amount of followers, you can ask them to create an article about your company.  When you do, make sure that the people you tap know a lot about your company.  Do not be tempted to give tokens or any forms of rewards before the article is created – this is bribery any way you look at it.  Doing this defeats the idea of objectivity that is required by Wikipedia.  In this case, expect a bit of a negative references about your company because Wikipedia tends to delete overly positive articles about brands.

In summary, to make sure that your brand article will not be deleted before it even sees publication, check the following:

  • That the content is written objectively
  • That it is authored by someone who is not directly connected to your company
  • That it highlights important information about your company
  • That it aims to inform and not sell your products and services
  • That it is free from grammar errors and it sounds professional

With all of these points, I wish to see your company the next entry in Wikipedia.  Good luck.

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