How to Outsmart Your Online Competition—Through Science!

If you’ve ever wondered why some businesses just seem to thrive online while yours flop around gasping for air, then maybe you can ask for our old friend Science for help. Who knows? A few of these tips could resurrect your online business back from the dead.

So you were just a simple man (or woman) who dreamed of making it big. You found a brilliant way of starting out a business from scratch but with promising returns, which is the internet. And right now, you’re sitting on your swivel chair, thinking why such a good idea turned out so wrong.

What Am I Doing Wrong?

Rather than singing that popular melodramatic Filipino song, it will be better to focus on what you can do to improve the situation, don’t you think? Chances are, you’re not actually doing anything wrong—just that other people are making better decisions than you are. So what you can do is to up the ante by the power of Science and the human mind.

How Science Can Help Your Online Business

If you have been in the online business for quite some time, chances are you have a bit of an investment put into online marketing strategies. You pay for ad space in social networking sites, use newsletters and hire pay-per-clickers just to keep your potential customers into clicking your link. All of these are sound marketing strategies, which is why every online business is probably using these tricks, too. But did you know that you can make your links look more appealing to your consumers just by tweaking it a little? Brace yourself—Science abounds here!


Psychologically Speaking

Have you ever wondered why so many people fall for “Share this if you love Jesus” photos? Not only does that spam your news feed, which is annoying, but it also does not do or prove anything.

You see, there are certain psychological compulsions involved in those innocent-looking links that makes them so popular—and so effective.

The Angel and The Devil

In psychology, there are three distinct sides to a person’s consciousness—kind of like our alter egos. They are known as the Superego, the Ego, and the Id.

Basically, the Ego is our conscious state, the one that we can control. The Superego and the Id are the opposite sides of our moral and ethical values—our inner angels and devils. And in psychology, every move made by the Ego is dictated by the continuous struggle between the Superego and the Id. If you can tweak your marketing links to display the higher morality of man—that will appeal to the Superego—and the basic desires of man, as well—which will appeal to the Id—you can bet that your links will be more effective than those “Share if you like” photos.

You can start by making minor tweaks to your ads and links. “Every purchase gives 10% donation to street children.” “Get a free iPhone 5 by recommending us to your friends.” “Eco-friendly, organic materials used.” “Earn big with little effort.” These are things that naturally appeal to people, because they will tug at either the altruistic or animalistic nature of people. And if you use this kind of scientific advantage in your business, you are sure to see results.

It’s All in the Mind

Business is just a big, complex game—a big, complex mind game.


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