How to Set Up your First Google Adwords Campaign in the Philippines


PPC (Pay-per-click) Advertising is definitely going far beyond what is expected these times. So before the sun sets on your business, it pays to be in the know.

But with the saturated nature of online advertising, you probably would have thought that the world is dropping its leftovers on you. If you feel that way, there is much space for you to move so you won’t get hit with the kind of knowledge beyond redemption. What’s the point? Ever heard about Google AdWords? Now you know. Here are the steps to serve as your guide in setting up your first campaign in the Philippines. Use them well.


Preliminary Steps

1. Go to and land on this page:









Recommendation: On the dashboard, there are links like “Overview,” “How it Works,” “Success Stories,” and “Get started.” To optimize the benefits of Google Adwords, you are encouraged to read materials from the first three links before you click the “Get started” link.


2. After clicking the “Get started” link, you will be directed to this page:









Notice how you have three ways to get started, and the most practical of which is the first one, so click the “Sign up for AdWords” button.



3. You will then see this page:









Recommendation: If you do not have any accounts with Google yet, you are encouraged to create an email account first. That way, when you sign up for other Google services, your log in information is consistent.

In the picture above, two radio buttons present two separate flows for new Google account holders, for existing account holders, and for new AdWords customers. Here are screenshots of what you are supposed to see on each one:

a. With a Google account under any Google services:









b. Without a Google account:









For Current Google Account Holders:

The following steps continues if you are a Google account holder under any of the company’s services and after clicking the first radio button under the “Which on best describes you?” section.

  • You will be asked if you prefer to use your existing Username under that service to access AdWords or not:









Recommendation: To avoid confusion and unnecessary password retrieval procedures, click the first radio button for a single sign on capability with all Google services you are subscribed under.

  • After clicking the first radio button, enter your username and password, and click “Sign In.” You will then receive a confirmation email.



For New Google Account Holders

These steps are for those who do not have any usernames associated with any Google services.

  • After clicking the second radio button under the “Which best describes you section, you will see this page:









  • Fill in the necessary information, tick the box for the Terms of Service, and click the “Create Account button.

After all of the preliminary steps button, you are now ready to create your first campaign. So when you log in to your AdWords account, you will be taken to your Campaign Manager – a screen that looks like this:









Now, get familiar with the different menu options on your dashboard by clicking on each of them. You’ll get a feel of the AdWords interface by doing that. Moving on, here are the steps to create a new campaign.



How to Create Your First AdWords Campaign

1. Click the “Create Your First Campaign Button” so you will be redirected to this screen:









2. The screen above is called the “Select campaign settings tab.” Fill in the following information:

  • Under the “General” section: Campaign Name
  • Under the “Locations” section: Select “Philippines”
  • Under the “Bidding and Budget” section: the amount you wish to spend per day

Note: There are descriptions on each of the sections donated by the question mark inside a small box. All you need to do is to hover over the symbol and make way for the description to appear. It is recommended that you carefully read each description so that you will have a clear understanding about why each selection is available.


3. Review all of the information you encoded and all of your selections. Click the “Save and continue” button at the bottom of the page.


4. You will then be directed to the second tab called “Create ad group.” Here is how it looks like:









Fill in all of the information related to your campaign and click the “Save and continue to billing” button.

Note: AdWords will provide a suggested list of keywords based on the information you enter under the text of your ad. Pay attention to the box on the right side corner of the page. You will know about this easily because the screen will change but you will stay on the same tab and page.

Tip: Use your keywords in your Headline and Descriptions. These words will appear in bold when displayed in the search results list. Texts on bold can easily capture audience’s attention. In this case, you can do keyword research prior to setting up your ad in this case.


5. You will be directed to the Billing tab:









Select Philippines in the dropdown menu and click “Continue.”

6. Set up your billing profile by completing the fields seen below:










Click “Continue.”

7. You will land on this page afterwards:









In this page, you will be asked to do the following:

  • To select a payment setting (automatic or not)
  • To enter your credit card information
  • To enter your billing address

Click “Continue.”


8. You will be directed to the “Terms and Conditions” page.

Recommendation: While it may take some of your time, it pays to read the literature of Google’s Terms when it comes to AdWords. This helps you avoid inconvenience or undesirable events often called “Google slap.” Besides, it pays to follow the rules.


9. After accepting the Terms and Conditions, you can now launch your first ad.

Easy breezy, isn’t it? It’s not so intimidating anymore. Now, remember that there are certain rules in each the things that you do to your ad. Keyword selection alone might push you to do research. Your target audience, while you know them as Filipinos, is further broken down by demographic factors. So try to be as flexible as possible, and be conscientious in terms of monitoring the progress of your ad.





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