How to Transform Your Casual Blog Visitors into Loyal Subscribers in the Philippines


Don’t ignore blogging – they may seem informal for Filipinos, but that very characteristic is the reason why they’re excellent bait for your target market in the Philippines.

keep clam and subscribe hereEven the best formed websites have accompanying blogs in an effort to become more approachable to your customers. This is where you get to talk about your product/services and directly correspond with clients.


Benefits of Loyal Subscribers in the Philippines

Getting unique visitors is always a good thing for blogs – but it’s really the repeat visitors that can boost your online reputation. These subscribers are your main leads and their comments would be the one helping you build your rank further. Of course, those are just few of the benefits you’d get:

  • A Ready Market – having blog subscribers is no different than having followers on your Twitter account. It gives you the chance to inform and market directly to people who fall within your target. Subscribers get email notifications whenever a new post or comment is made in your blog, essentially leading them to the website where your pitch happens to be.
  • Opportunity for Reputation Building – the informal setting of blogs encourages conversations and comments in between posts. It gives you the chance to talk directly with possible clients, clear up facts and answer their questions directly. What’s even better about this is that other’s can join in and view how you respond and deal with inquiries. Handle this in a friendly manner and you’d surely have people appreciating your online presence.
  • Building Rank – comments and traffic are some of the most common factors used to calculate page rank. With an active blog, you’d find yourself rising through page results quickly.


From Visitors to Subscribers

The question is – how do you push Filipinos into taking that final step between occasional visits and giving you the house key? Asking people to subscribe is not nearly enough, no matter how polite you ask. Here are some of the techniques offered by the best people in the field.

  • Concentrate on Email Subs – RSS and email are the two methods subscribers can choose to follow your blog. Make sure to encourage the latter since emails provide more exposure. Each time a new post is made, your subscribers will get a message directly to their email. Typically, emails are checked on a daily basis, connected to mobile phones and rarely logged out of. RSS feeds however are rarely checked.
  • Prioritize Existing Fans – go for the ones that already know and trust your brand. If you have an existing Facebook and Twitter account, advertise there. Use whatever social media you already have in hand and direct fans to your existing blog.
  • Be Consistent – always post something, but not necessarily on the same day or time. You can set your own schedule of blog posts while making sure that you upload at least one every week. This consistency would convince casual visitors that they need to subscribe in order to be the first reader for your succeeding articles.
  • Uniqueness and Quality – this tip has been rehashed so many times that elaborating on it would be a waste of precious words. Just make sure to offer visitors information that they can actually use and not easily available through competitor blogs.
  • Make it Easier – make the subscription process easier by providing your visitors with a lead page or
    Subscribe or the kitty gets it.

    Subscribe or the kitty gets it.

    a call to action page. Most blog platforms like WordPress have this “Subscribe Now” spot on the right hand side of each page which is basically an “in your face approach”. You can also try putting the suggestion at the bottom of your articles or even as a pop up.

  • Offer Something – some bloggers are reluctant about offering freebies because they feel as though it’s the only reason people subscribe. The opinion is that signing up for a freebie rarely results to loyal subscribers. However, what most people don’t realize is that this is just the first step. Once you get access to a visitor’s email address, turning them to loyal subscribers would become easier. You don’t even have to spend a lot on the freebie. Give your visitors something short, sweet and useful – like access to an exclusive webinar or a short helpful report.
  • Plan Ahead and Let them Know – it’s usually best to have your topics all lined up for the next seven days or so. Make sure that you tell readers what they can look forward to for the next posts. Say something like “next week, I’ll discuss the gaping plot holes of classic movies”. This will allow you to capture their interest beforehand, increasing their possibility of subscribing in an effort to read your next important post. Of course, don’t forget to follow through with that promise!
  • Boast your Best – every blog has this one content that gets the most likes, comments and views. Don’t let this get buried under newer posts. Instead, revive the article, repost it and cultivate more reactions to the information. Think of this as your biggest seller, capable of enticing unique visitors and getting them to subscribe.
  • Communicate – blogs are meant to be the company’s informal representative. Make good use of this element, making sure that all queries are answered in a friendly manner. Remember that some platforms offer email alerts for comment replies so take advantage of this fact. If visitors keep coming back to answer comments, there’s a bigger chance that they’d eventually subscribe to the blog.
  • Get Personal – use second person when posting in the blog. Use the words “you”, “I” or “we” which helps you create a personality online. Don’t refer to the business in the third person – this usually turns people off and defeats the whole point of having a blog.
  • Guest Post – build your reputation further by posting quality content in different blogs, and allowing others to do the same in yours. You can do this with niche-related blogs serving the same target market. If anything else, this widens your market and offers a two-way benefit.


Paul’s Last Words:

Bottom line is this: you have to give your visitors something to look forward to. People subscribe because they want to be alerted the second a new post is made – so you need to guarantee that you will have something useful for them in the future. Combine this with consistency and you get yourself loyal subscribers in the Philippines!



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